Japan Postman Moto Simulator lets you explore a gorgeous 1:1 scale of Nagasaki while delivering packages across the city

Deliver packages then come home to your cat

Japan Postman Moto Simulator lets you explore a gorgeous 1:1 scale of Nagasaki while delivering packages across the city
  • Explore a lovely replica of Nagasaki
  • Fulfil delivery missions on time
  • Build your home and care for your cat

CHI Games has officially launched Japan Postman Moto Simulator: Nagasaki Express, letting you step into the shoes of a postal worker across a 1:1 recreation of Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown in Japan. You're free to explore the vastness of the city replica and bask in the beauty of the culture - without neglecting your delivery duties, of course.

In Japan Postman Moto Simulator, you'll dive into a realistic sim and complete delivery missions amidst the beautiful landmarks of Nagasaki. The realism extends to characters' faces as well, which very much reminds me of the OG Mortal Kombat game for some reason. It does add an interesting charm to the title, as you navigate the perilous terrain of the AI-powered traffic system and try to fulfil your duties as a postman.

Given the behaviours of your fellow motorists around you, you'll have to be wary of reckless drivers while keeping an eye on time-sensitive tasks. And if you ever feel like your job's burning you out, you can focus all your energies on building and decorating your house. At the end of the day, you can always come home to your adorable cat companion after a gruelling day at work, because everyone loves a fluffy kitty.

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And if you're eager to join in on all the fun, you can do so by checking out Japan Postman Moto Simulator on the App Store and on Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can also take a little peek at the embedded clip above to get a feel of the game's vibes and visuals.

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