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Slay the Spire relics - the worst and the best

| Slay the Spire
Slay the Spire relics - the worst and the best

Ranking the best and worst Relics in Slay the Spire.

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When it comes to roguelikes and roguelites, the environments can range from tolerable to extremely harsh. This is how it is in Slay the Spire, where you choose a lone character to climb a tall Spire in search of riches and glory. You'll be presented with a series of branching paths leading to a number of locations, events, and enemies. Since you'll be fighting solo, you'll want to choose a path that ensures good health while also rewarding you with what you'll need to get further in your journey. Among such items are the numerous Relics you can discover and use for yourself.

Slay the Spire is a turn-based game where you use cards to battle. The only items you'll be able to give your character are cards representing their actions, potions that have various effects on their stats and performance, and Relics. In Slay the Spire Relics are both the rarest and most valuable as they give your character passive effects. These can range from one-off bonuses to ongoing buffs that can make all the difference the further you get up the Spire. You can get them from opening chests, encountering events, buying them from the shop, and defeating bosses.

There are many strong Relics to find as well as many weak ones. Here are some of the best and worst ranked Relics.

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The 5 Best Relics in Slay the Spire

These are the best Relics in Slay the Spire and they will provide effects that are extremely useful no matter when you get your hands on them.

Tiny House

This Relic can only be obtained from a Boss Chest and provides a powerful boost the moment you get it. The Tiny House grants your character a potion, 50 gold, a card, and also raises your max HP by five, and upgrades one of your cards. Though it's a one-off effect, this card is a welcome boon both early and late game should you get it.

Membership Card

This Relic is gained from the shop and interestingly works against the shop. By picking this up, you'll get a permanent 50 percent discount on all items. As you progress further up the Spire, shops become more and more necessary to your survival. With this Relic, you'll actually be able to make use of the stock whether you have a lot or a little gold.

Ice Cream

This delectable treat is something of a delicacy in the Spire in that it's almost never seen. Should you manage to find it though, it will allow you to conserve Energy between turns. Nothing is more disappointing than when you have unused Energy and you're forced to end your turn. With this, you can put that would-be wasted Energy into greater attacks.

White Beast Statue

This statue Relic may look like a huge ferocious beast, but it's more helpful than it may appear. Collecting this Relic guarantees that every battle will end with you getting a potion. Since potions can have a variety of effects, they can literally turn the tide of battle. With this Relic giving you potion rewards, you'll be able to save money on them and not worry about running out.


This mineral Relic looks simple but is quite handy especially if you get it early on. It makes it so that whenever you end a turn without having Block, you gain 6 Block. Now you won't have to worry about not having Block cards, should the situation arise.

The 5 Worst Relics in Slay the Spire

These are the worst Relics and should be avoided if you can due to their limiting, risky or simply underwhelming effects.

Pandora's Box

As can be seen from its name, this boss Relic is bad news. Should you pick it up, all of your Strike and Defend cards will be transformed into something else. This game has enough RNG already that you don’t want to deal with more of it due to Relics.

Dolly's Mirror

Upon reflection, this shop Relic makes for an odd choice to be sold or bought. Should you decide to get it, it'll immediately duplicate one of the cards in your deck. Though it gives you a choice of the card, this Relic is not worth the price of its one-off effect.


This Relic is rare for a reason and that's a good thing. With this in hand, you will now only have your Block reduced by 15 instead of losing all of it at the start of your turn. This may sound handy, but really only works if you have a setup that not only guarantees that you have a surplus of Block, but that enemies won't knock it down to less than 15 points.

Mummified Hand

This creepy severed body part is slightly hidden but should be left alone. It makes it so that whenever you play a Power card, the cost of a card in your hand is reduced to zero. Another potentially useful card that is held back by the RNG risk, the need for extra Power cards, and the fact that many cards cost zero or can reduce costs to zero themselves.

Maw Bank

This somewhat cute Relic will have you thinking about finances as you climb the Spire. As long as you have it, you'll gain 12 gold every time you climb a floor. It's quite a lot to ask for a small payoff, not to mention the fact that the effect is permanently removed the moment you buy something at the shop. You're better off selling this Relic as soon as you get it.

These are all of the strongest relics and the worst ones in Slay the Spire! Leave your thoughts about our picks in the comments below.

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