Slay The Spire tips you shouldn't miss

Slay The Spire tips you shouldn't miss

Own the spire, one card at a time

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We know that Slay the Spire can be quite a challenging experience, so, we have decided to share a couple of tips and tricks to help you on your quest.

Slay The Spire is a turn-based card battler that combines building decks and going on adventures. When you fire the game up, you're immediately dropped into the world to tackle the challenges ahead. You look at a map and you decide how you want to start things.

There will be symbols on the beginning portion of the map. Most of these are bosses that you can battle. You can decide which boss to fight and then dive right in. It's nice to be able to have the freedom to choose your direction. Once in, the turn-based fight will begin.

Just like with classic turn-based games, you'll be able to select from different moves that are either offensive or defensive. The only difference here is that the game leans on the cards so this adds a layer of strategy to combat that's a bit more unique.

Although Slay The Spire drops you into the world as quickly as it does, it's not too intimidating, making it a fairly easy game to pick up and learn. On top of that, it's a lot of fun too, especially if you like using cards and turn-based battles. Here are some tips that will help during your adventures.

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Tip #1 - Set The Tone Early

One way to get ahead in Slay The Spire is by starting the fight with an attack. I know this seems like a really simple strategy but it's going to take some turns before you can finally down your foe, so it's good to start bringing that health down early.

As with any turn-based game, it's good to have a balance but getting ahead early gives you some space to work with. You'll have a nice blend of attack and defensive cards in your deck so definitely make good use of the attacks. As time goes on, you'll be able to get more powerful cards.

Tip #2 - Swing By The Shop

Throughout your journey battling terrible foes in Slay The Spire, you'll collect some gold during each run. As you progress, more of the map is revealed and you'll sometimes find merchants. Make sure to stop by and see what you can buy.

Among other things, you can get some fresh new cards for your deck. You can also purchase items like relics, which give you certain permanent boosts for each run. One good option, in particular, replenishes your health and raises your max health. Pretty cool. A win-win situation, right?

Tip #3 - Your Health is For The Whole Journey

Speaking of health, this is just a reminder to make sure that you're checking it frequently. This is important because you have one full HP bar for the entire run. So, if you lose health during a battle, then that's where your HP will remain until you replenish it at a merchant.

If you don't feel comfortable where your HP is then definitely make sure to go to a nearby merchant and see what they have to help you out. Definitely think about when it's a good time to go for healing items whether you want to heal up sooner or wait until the meter gets a little lower. It's just something to think about and adds an extra layer of strategy to your adventure.

Tip #4 - Think About Your Decisions

One cool element about Slay The Spire is the fact that you'll need to make certain decisions when exploring the map. You'll come across mysterious objects and locations each with a couple of choices. Most of the time, one of these choices can have an effect on your gameplay while also rewarding you more.

Think wisely about this and look to see what the effects will be if you decide to go for greater rewards whether it's gold or other things. Don't be afraid to play it safe and take the lesser reward. If you're in desperate need then definitely think about the effects and how it can impact your game.

Tip #5 - Upgrade Your Cards

In Slay The Spire, it's definitely a good idea to make sure to upgrade your cards when you have the opportunity. The main way you can go about doing this is by smithing at any bonfire that pops up on your map. You can easily just choose a card and upgrade it just like that. No materials are required.

However, just like with other areas, you have to decide what you want to do. Yes, you can do some smithing like the smithy smither you are but you'll also have the chance to rest up and heal your character. It all just depends on the situation. If your health is in good shape then definitely go ahead and upgrade one of your cards. And again, like with other areas, it's a one-time use until you find another one on the map.

Tip #6 - End Your Turn Early if Needed

You can only use so many cards per turn in Slay The Spire and it's easy to go through all of them. That's fine to do, no doubt. However, don't be hesitant to end your turn if you feel it's right. If you want to save cards then this could be a good time to skip.

Also, if you activated a defensive card, then that's also a solid time to go and end your turn so that way, the defensive power remains in effect for the duration of the enemy's turn. Of course, if the opponent's health is getting low, then you can try and go for the killing blow.

We hope that these tips for Slay the Spire will ease off your gameplay, at least to some extent. You should take some time and check out the best relics and our cards tier list in Slay the Spire.

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