Skate to impress your catch in Skate Fish, launching soon on mobile

Catch fish for the aquarium in this zen title

Skate to impress your catch in Skate Fish, launching soon on mobile
  • Skate Fish is launching on March 28
  • Catch fish by impressing them with your skateboard tricks
  • Meet other fishers and get hot fishing tips

Get ready for a skateboarding and fishing mashup. Skate Fish from Whitehorn Games will make its mobile debut on March 28th. In Skate Fish, you can customize your skateboard, fishing rod, and character as you skate your way through relaxing environments.

Each level in this chill fishing game features a different species of fish to catch and challenging obstacles on which to test your boarding skills. You best skate to impress because that’s the only way you’ll catch fish on this particular adventure.

The two-finger touch controls are a nod to finger decks, those mini-skate boards you “ride” with two digits. Using this distinct control scheme, you’ll perform cool flips, grind ledges and complete other boarding tricks. The developer promises it will offer multiple accessibility features, such as separate adjustable audio channels for sound effects and ambient sound.

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As you explore Skate Fish's seven chill environments, you will meet other fishermen and women with whom you can build friendships. Interact with every fisher you see to nab some helpful pointers that’ll help you catch more bass, carp, and other aquatic creatures.

Skate Fish doesn’t just offer a new twist on skateboarding games; it also aims to support wildlife preservation efforts. In another twist, you're not fishing for food. Rather, you are collecting specimens to add to the aquarium for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Skate Fish will be available on the App Store and Google Play on March 28. To learn more about it, follow Skate Fish on X (Twitter), TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook, or check out the game's official website.

Whitehorn Games is a Pennsylvania-based publisher that specializes in creating low-stress, inclusive, and accessible titles such as Wytchwood and Princess Farmer. You can learn more about Whitehorn Games’ other titles by joining its Discord community or visiting its website.

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Jack Brassell
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