Seven Knights Idle Adventure's latest update adds new legendary heroes Vanessa and Giparang

Recruit even greater heroes into your team in this latest update

Seven Knights Idle Adventure's latest update adds new legendary heroes Vanessa and Giparang
  • Seven Knights Idle Adventure's latest update adds two new legendary heroes
  • Vanessa and Giparang are a ranged and melee specialist duo respectively
  • There's also new minigames, new floors for the dungeon and more on the way!

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is set to add two new legendary heroes, a new limited-time minigame, additional stages and a new Hero Equipment System. The update is set to drop, well, today. So check out what's being added in the latest update for Seven Knights Idle Adventure below!

The big news for this update is of course the two new heroes, Vanessa and Giparang. Respectively they're a ranged hero focused on that specialises in AoE damage over time which slows and hampers your enemy, and a more traditional melee-focused hero who has the additional ability to be rezzed a single time when defeated.

Next up is the Blacksmith's Challenge, a new minigame available through May 29th that gives you the possibility of enhancing or destroying a given weapon. Speaking of which there's the debut of the Hero Equipment System which lets you unlock equipment to add to your hero's stats, with their own unique equipment available to find in-game.

Finally, for the competionists out there, there's the addition of stages 15,201 to 16,000!

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Phew, that's a lot huh? Well, fortunately, you've got plenty of time to enjoy the limited-time stuff before digging into the meat of this latest content update. While we can't speak for how well the new heroes will fit into the existing roster we're sure that they'll add some variety to a game that already has a pretty beefy amount of heroes for you to pit against each other.

And if you're not too sure what heroes are the best on the roster, then you'll be glad to know we've got you covered. Take a gander at our Seven Knights Idle Adventure Tier List of all heroes to know who to try and recruit and who to leave by the wayside.

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