RuneScape adds a new archaeology dig site under Daemonheim

Explore the Warped Depths and collect the new Dragonkin collection.

RuneScape adds a new archaeology dig site under Daemonheim
  • A new dig site is coming to Daemonheim
  • The area has received a graphical overhaul
  • Find the Dragonkin Archaeology collection to gain a new relic power

Developer Jagex has announced a new archaeology dig site is coming to its well-known RPG, RuneScape - Daemonheim. Nestled in the ruins of Daemonheim, the new mini-dig site contains a variety of interesting relics and artifacts for you to find. Your findings will lead you to uncover new mysteries. Built for adventurers and treasure hunters, Daemonheim is the eighth dig site to be added to the game. 

As part of the update, the developers have completely renovated Daemonheim’s graphics for the first time since the area launched in 2010. The graphics overhaul adds untold stories for you to experience and mysteries involving the land to uncover.  

To reach the new dig site, your archaeology skill must be level 73 or greater. Additionally, you must free Skaldrun from the Frozen Floors in Dungeoneering before you can access the new Daemonheim dig site. There is an upper dig site as well as a dark underground dig site called the Warped Depths.

Underground dig site cast in a deep red hue and featuring a large star symbol on the ground

Within the Warped Depths, you can find Balarak’s Sash Brush and Skeka’s Hypnowand. Balarak’s Sash Brush provides passive boosts and elevates your execution success when using your archaeology skill. Skeka’s Hypnowand grants you access to a new style of hunting and combat.

The update also introduces the Dragonkin Archaeology collection. Discovering this collection will allow you to unlock a new Relic Power, Spirit Weaver. The Spirit Weaver power lets you either maximize XP gains or optimize efficiency when you are training Summoning.

RuneScape is an MMORPG in which you explore a vast open world. Abandoning the classic class system, this role-playing title lets you play your way. You can learn any skill, so you don’t need to create multiple characters to experience all the game has to offer. You can learn skills like Farming, Hunting and Rune Crafting. RuneScape is currently available in the App Store, Google Play, and Steam. You can follow this classic MMORPG on X (Twitter) to learn more. 

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Jack Brassell
Jack Brassell
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