RuneScape unveils first look at the anticipated Necromancy skill in chilling new trailer

RuneScape unveils first look at the anticipated Necromancy skill in chilling new trailer
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Since February, RuneScape fans have been on a roll thanks to the newly launched Fort Forinthry storyline. It was first announced during the Jagex Winter Summit last year and has already featured two chapters alongside a mini-event. During the summit, the developers also announced the introduction of the highly anticipated Necromancy skill to the game.

Well, RuneScape players are in for another surprise because the deadly combat skill is finally making its way to the MMORPG. As it’s evidently seen in the jaw-dropping trailer, the addition to the Necromancy skill really enhances RuneScape’s combat as it offers a brand new playstyle that is independent of the pre-existing forms.

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There’s been a drought of skills in the game since Archaeology debuted nearly three years ago. But Necromancy is set to change all that, making it one of the most significant updates of the year. It is an ancient combat art with a lot of history and lore linked to it. The skill is being curated such as both new and returning players can embrace their inner darkness as they summon death.

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Necromancy’s introduction will be a grand one as it will appear when the new RuneScape season begins. Players will have to rally the undead as they wage war on The First Necromancer over a series of multiple updates. Gielinor in threatened once again, and the only way out is by fighting fearsome foes in order to master Nercomancy combat, Rituals, and Runecrafting skills.

The Necromancy skill will be free for players up to level 20. More information about it will be shared during the developer’s Q&A tomorrow, May 31st, on RuneScape’s Twitch channel.

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