RuneScape kicks off new storyline with the launch of Fort Forinthry: New Foundations

RuneScape kicks off new storyline with the launch of Fort Forinthry: New Foundations

RuneScape has already kicked off the new year with the Death Costs and Combat Event that was first announced in Jagex’s Winter Summit 2022. The iconic MMORPG is now ready to offer new content with the release of a new storyline called Fort Forinthry. The update aims to improve the construction skill, add new methods for earning XP, and it paves the path for another year of awesome storytelling.

Fort Forinthry: New Foundations, as the update has been aptly called, is the first of many in RuneScape’s Fort Forinthry storyline that will unfold over the rest of the year. It sees players build their own fort where they will be the dux, dukes, and duchesses.

This story has a slightly more grounded feel to it which will be a welcome change after the stressful Elder God Wars. At least that’s the case for now. Geilinor is under threat again as Zamorakian forces are close. Hence, King Roald and Queen Ellamaria have requested players to construct a fort at the edge of The Wilderness.

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In the first chapter, players will be polishing their craftsmanship as they build their fort and four other buildings. This will be done using a new construction skilling method where the fort can be progressively expanded over multiple updates. As the size increases, the bonuses it offers will scale as well.

The Workshop grants access to training methods to create planks at the sawmill and access workbenches for other skills. Meanwhile, the Chapel adds to the Prayer skill while the Command Centre serves for managing all unlocked content.

An important addition to take note of is the new ability to generate passive XP. That’s right. players can now accumulate Rest XP from the Town Hall, which can easily be converted into Bonus XP for any skill.

Progress never stops in Fort Forinthry. Build your own fort now by downloading RuneScape Mobile for free.

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