The infamous and highly exclusive Party Hat is up for grabs once again on RuneScape after 20 long years

The infamous and highly exclusive Party Hat is up for grabs once again on RuneScape after 20 long years

This news is specifically for the diehard RuneScape fans out there. Especially anyone who has been playing since the game’s inception. I’m talking about an extremely valuable item, something everybody probably wanted to get their hands on back then and will still want to now. It is…

The infamous Party Hat! Yes, RuneScape’s rarest and most valuable item is coming back to the game’s mobile version to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary. While the 20th anniversary event may be close to an end, it is going out with a bang – thanks to The Golden Party Hat Hunt. The last time you could earn one was a whopping 20 years ago. In case you are a gamer of this generation, then it’s a humongous thing which you wouldn’t want to miss. And you have only until January 3rd to find one.

Originally seen in RuneScape’s 2001 Christmas event, the hats were seen as a simple cosmetic with absolutely no bonuses or anything. Like bitcoin owners of the past, people discarded the hats too, thinking they were worth nothing. But there was another sect of the game’s population which held onto these hats, and soon enough they became a status symbol. Having the Party Hat meant you have played the game from the very beginning and you’re one of the elites.

In this world, everything has its price in gold and so did the hat. In 2015, a hat was sold for 2.1 billion gold, the biggest transaction in RuneScape’s history. And now once again, the elusive item returns and could possibly become tradable once again. Players have to complete numerous quests to earn eight Golden Shards. These must then be combined by milliner’s magic to yield the invaluable Golden Party Hat. To celebrate this occasion, the Grand Exchange will also be transformed into Golden Party Hat winter wonderland.

This is probably your only chance to get the Party Hat once again. Players may never get a chance again. Do not miss this. Download RuneScape now for free on the App Store and Google Play and start collecting the shards!

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