RuneScape Combat Updates drop today, with major changes inbound

RuneScape Combat Updates drop today, with major changes inbound
  • Roll to Hit has been dropped in favour of a new Damage Potential system
  • You can look forward to reworkings of UI, Critical Strike and more
  • These changes will be implemented today on both PC and mobile

RuneScape developers Jagex have debuted a new developer diary detailing the changes coming to their hit MMORPG's combat system. Releasing today, these changes will apply to both the traditional PC and Steam versions as well as the iOS and Android releases. They represent a major overhaul to the game's classic combat system which has been highly anticipated by the playerbase.

Major changes include dropping the Roll to Hit system in favour of Damage Potential. Rather than a 50% chance meaning a coin flip on whether you hit or miss, now a 50% chance indicates you'll do half your potential damage. There are also changes to Critical Strike which streamlines the previous calculations and system to make it easier for you to understand the damage you do if you land a critical strike.

Miss, miss, hit, sunk my battleship

These changes represent a major overhaul to one of the core aspects of RuneScape. Thanks to years of development, player feedback and fan engagement, RuneScape has remained one of the strongest in the notoriously cutthroat MMORPG genre. So, while a bit of a risk, we've already seen strong player feedback to these changes and excitement for their implementation.

You can check out the developer diary detailing all of the changes below! You can also read through all the detailed patch notes on their official site.

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As we just noted, changing the core aspects of a game can be a double-edged sword, either revamping lacklustre mechanics or chasing away the 'quiet' players who don't offer feedback on what they already enjoy. We'll be keeping an eye on how these new combat mechanics are received, to see how Jagex might develop them further, and what other changes could be coming to RuneScape.

You can also check out our coverage of the recent Necromancy season, which these new updates are set to synergise with. Or you can check out another major MMORPG coming to mobile with the gorgeous Tarisland!

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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