RuneScape releases first event of the Necromancy season as Ancient Awakenings goes live

RuneScape releases first event of the Necromancy season as Ancient Awakenings goes live

A couple of months ago, Jagex finally launched the Necromancy skill in RuneScape mobile after fans spent ages waiting for it. Now that players have had some time to familiarize themselves with the concept, it’s time to look at the first update of the Necromancy season. The Ancient Awakenings event joins the fantasy MMORPG and transports players onto Ungael Island, which further builds on the necromancy lore.

Players won’t go alone on this perilous mission and will be accompanied by The Raptor, Asther the butler, and Bill from RuneScape’s Fort Forinthry season. A powerful ritual has begun on the island of Ungael, and its completion threatens all of Gielinor.

As you may have expected, players will have to do everything in their power to stop this ritual from happening. It’s being led by none other than the necromancer Zemouregal, so there’s a big fight waiting too.

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A new player vs monster combat activity called Ungael Arena will allow players to test their Necromancy skill against loads of enemies. The mission assesses players’ ability to summon the undead in battle as they take on waves of Zemouregal’s minions.

Each run will feel different from the previous one as challenges keep changing and getting more complex. While the Zemouregal boss battle takes place in November, this arena should be good practice for it. Completion rewards include new titles, weapon cosmetics, and an iconic outfit for Raptor.

For all the skillers out there, Ancient Awakening also expands on the Fort Forinthry region with the Botanist’s Beach. It is a hub for making Necromancy potions to use for future wars. Granny Rowan will be there throughout the process to make decanting brews and preparing mixtures a little easier.

The Necromancy combat skill is free for everyone above level 20 and scales to level 120 for members. Download RuneScape Mobile now for free.

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