Rumble Club is out now for iOS, Android is still in pre-registration

iPhone users can jump in now, but Android players will have to wait a bit

Rumble Club is out now for iOS, Android is still in pre-registration
  • Rumble Club is out now for iOS
  • However, Android players may need to wait as Google Play sits in pre-registration
  • This physics-based battle royale game is published courtesy of Mad Mushroom

Rumble Club, the new Fall Guys-slash-Stumble Guys-like from developer Lightfox Games, is out now for iOS and available via the App Store. However, if you're an Android player you may need to wait a bit as the game is still sat in pre-reg for Google Play. Still, you'll soon be able to get your hands on the latest entry in the surprisingly packed game show battle royale genre.

Rumble Club comes to our phones courtesy of publisher Mad Mushroom, notable for being an influencer-owned company run by parent company OTK Media Network, which features notable internet figures like streamer Asmongold. Rumble Club physics-based combat, multiple game modes like King of the Hill and battle royale, as well as cross-play, cross-save and a huge amount of customization.

While we don't have an exact date for the Google Play release of Rumble Club, given that season 1 kicks off today with the iOS release we'd expect (and hope) for it to drop pretty soon.

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As one of the two debut games from Mad Mushroom as a publisher, alongside Wasteland Picnic, we're going to be keeping a close eye on Rumble Club. Is this battle-royale title going to distinguish itself from the many Fall and Stumble Guys clones? Or will it simply fade into the background?

Well, with a huge amount of customization and coming to mobile with cross-play, cross-save and more enabled, it does seem to be a pretty refined release. No early access here, and coming strong out of the gate is a sure recipe for success.

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