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Roblox: War Tycoon codes - get medals and cash boosts

Roblox: War Tycoon codes - get medals and cash boosts
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Updated on: February 26, 2024 - Checked for new codes

War Tycoon is among the many fun tycoon-based games on the Roblox platform. It is essentially a military-based tycoon where you must build a base and unlock the arsenal of weapons and vehicles.

You will primarily be able to acquire things in War Tycoon by grinding and putting in a lot of effort. Alternatively, using the different codes can also provide you with a range of free rewards within the game. We have compiled a list of redeem codes to accumulate freebies in Roblox: War Tycoon.

It will make acquiring all of those different tanks, aeroplanes and weapons much more manageable. However, it won't be easy even with these gift codes.

Don't be shy and take a good look at other codes, as you'll get loads of useful gifts in different games. For example, you can use redeem codes for SharkBite 2, One Shot codes that will nab you some Yen and spins, and Starving Artist codes which will allow the poor artist to claim some art coins.

Working Roblox: War Tycoon codes

Roblox: War Tycoon codes can be used to get rewards such as cash, medals, and more things. These can help you progress and become better inside the game. The following are the working codes that you can currently employ:

  • Boom - verdant gun skin
  • Half Mil - 55 medals and 550k cash
  • Victory450k: 10x medals, 45 000 cash, 2x cash boost (45 minutes)
  • Airforce: 10x medals
  • BlueTweet: Sapphire Gun Skin
  • Social: 100 0000 cash, 2x cash boost (10 minutes)

Please note that the codes may expire in the near future, so you should try utilizing them as quickly as possible. Following their expiry, you will not be able to get the free rewards using them.

Expired codes

  • BlueBird
  • 350K
  • 250K
  • Hooray50K

You can follow the developers on the social media handles or regularly check out this article to stay updated about all the new code releases.

Guide on how to use codes in Roblox: War Tycoon

Screenshot of a window where you can enter redeem codes in War Tycoon

You can easily use the War Tycoon codes above and get the relevant items. In case you do not know the exact procedure, check the steps that have been offered below:

  • Step 1: Get going by opening the Roblox game War Tycoon on your required device.
  • Step 2: After the game boots, you should click on the “Codes” icon depicted by the Twitter bird icon.
  • Step 3: A pop-up will emerge, and you can place the code into the same. Following this, tap redeem to complete the redemption procedure.

If the procedure succeeds, the rewards will automatically get credited to your Roblox: War Tycoon accounts.

Original article by Nishant Thakkar, updated by Sumant Meena
Nishant Thakkar
Nishant Thakkar
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