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How to use private chat in Total Roblox Drama

How to use private chat in Total Roblox Drama
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With thousands if not millions of possible experiences, Roblox is a gaming platform that’s popular worldwide, especially on mobile. Currently, one of the most popular experiences being played is the reality show-slash-roleplay game, Total Roblox Drama, developed by Mojo’s Games.

While it has the serial numbers filed off, it’s pretty clear that Total Roblox Drama is inspired by the cult-classic cartoon series Total Drama Island - one of Canada’s many exports alongside maple syrup, mounties and full-contact ice-borne sporting events. The series ran first for a year between 2007 and 2008 on Cartoon Network, before returning (now rebranded simply as “Total Drama”, hence the experience’s name) for four more seasons and a recent revival this year in 2023.

Total Roblox Drama features ersatz (similar in all but name) versions of the entire cast for players to use. As in the cartoon series, Total Roblox Drama involves players facing off in increasingly bizarre and cartoonish challenges ranging from obstacle courses to cliff diving. Each team has the chance to vote their least favourite player out, with elimination based not on score but popularity. Add onto that the roleplay elements and it’s clear how Roblox Total Drama aims to recreate the entire experience of the cartoon mockumentary.

That’s also a reason why using private chat is so popular in Total Roblox Drama, as it lets players schmooze their way to victory or delay elimination. Private chat is also helpful if you want to ask people about in-game tips or other information without clogging up the main chat for other players. But like a few things in Roblox, it can be a little obtuse thanks to the older UI, so here’s how to use the private chat feature.

How to use the private chat feature in Total Roblox Drama?

Using the private chat feature in Total Roblox Drama is simple, and similar to the “whisper” feature in games like Minecraft. Simply type ‘/w’ into the command line for text chat, add the ID of the player you want to privately chat with, then enter the message and press enter to send. If done correctly, it should show that you’ve sent the message directly to the player in the text chat line.

With dozens of contestants and players vying for the win, it might be that a sneaky alliance against an unpopular (or popular) player is your best bet for victory. Using the private chat then is your best bet for making sure that your plan isn't revealed to the rest of the players in Total Roblox Drama.

It’s not just Total Drama that you can find on Roblox as well. Today, it was also announced that the American NBA (National Basketball Association) will be collaborating with Roblox for a special experience called NBA Playgrounds. So if the drama’s getting you down, maybe it’s time to take it to the court as well?

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