Roblox has collaborated with NBA Playgrounds to bring thrilling basketball matches to the gaming platform

Roblox has collaborated with NBA Playgrounds to bring thrilling basketball matches to the gaming platform
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Basketball was already available on Roblox in the form of many games like Basketball Legends. Saber Interactive aims to add to that list with their latest title, NBA Playgrounds, which is joining the wildly popular online gaming platform. It features matches in duos and is available on all major platforms including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile. Players can shoot hoops in a variety of different courses as they connect with fellow basketball enthusiasts.

The NBA Playgrounds mode in Roblox transports players into an immersive basketball world where they participate in 2-on-2 matches. They take place in a Playgrounds style inspired by popular public courts. It is a great place for fans of the league to interact with each other and discuss their favourite sport. Of course, they’ll also be playing each donning jerseys of their top teams.

If you haven’t heard about NBA Playgrounds, it is a non-stop arcade action game with a plethora of unlockable characters. Just like their real-life counterparts, each basketballer has their own strengths and special abilities that allow them to make jaw-dropping dunks and exhilarating buzzer-beaters.

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Characters can be fully customized thanks to the availability of officially licensed NBA jerseys from everyone’s favourite teams. Various unique card packs will also be up for grabs, each containing a combination of experience points, item boosts, outfits, and some must-have avatars.

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The game features a total of five locations inspired by their real-life counterparts. But it’s not just a course as each one is filled with lots of secrets to uncover. Leaderboards have also been added, allowing players to compete for the primary spot as they slam dunks. In addition, there are 1v1 matches as well as power-ups, colossal jumps, and acrobatic jams to make the experience more entertaining.

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