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Roblox Sword Factory X codes (July 2024)

Roblox Sword Factory X codes (July 2024)
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Updated on July 01, 2024 - Checked for new codes

Sword Factory is a semi-idle simulator-style game where you are running a massive sword factory. You don’t need to build this factory. It’s already there; requiring you to push a button to create a sword, that goes through a bunch of machines, and creates a randomized weapon at the end. You can then sell your swords, put them in a bank or use them to fight in various areas of the game. There are a bunch of areas to unlock, lots of stats for your sword, and a lot of text in this game.

Creating your sword does come from a bunch of randomized stats, that depends on your level, luck stat and more, which are some of the things that Sword Factory codes can help with! Sword Factory is a game that releases a lot of codes and they don't seem to expire too often, which is super useful for new players. I wouldn’t suggest putting them all in at once. Instead stagger using them out, so that you can get the most of the different combinations of boosts that are available.

First, you will need to know how to activate a code. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will need to select the shop. On the shop menu, you can tap the Code button at the bottom of the menu. There, you can enter your code and hit process. Codes in Sword Factory seem to take a bit of time to redeem, but then tell you exactly what you got from them.

Let’s get into the current, active Sword Factory codes, so you can get some boosts and build some great swords.

Active codes for Sword Factory:
  • CORRUPT??? - 30 mins of all boosts
  • EXTRACANDY! - 500 candy
  • SFXISNOTDEAD?! - 1000 candy
  • TRICKORTREAT! - 500 candy
  • 300CANDY!? - 300 candy
  • 60KLIKED_65KNEXT - Redeem for a Super Boost
  • DUNGEONS_W!!! - Redeem for a Super Boost
  • 24K!DISCORD - Redeem for 6000 Souls
  • SUPERBOOST-WOW - Redeem for a super boost.
  • 80K_FAVS!!GG - Redeem for a super boost.
  • Eduritez W - Redeem for a 30-minute EXP boost.
  • 40K-LIKES-YEET!!!! - Redeem for a super boost pro.
  • TOPTIER200K!? - Redeem for a super boost pro.
  • TOPTIER100K! - Redeem for a 30-minute damage boost.
  • 1M-VISITS!!!!! - Redeem for a 30-minute luck boost.
  • 400K-VISITS-EYY - Redeem for a 15-minute EXP boost.
  • sus - Redeem for a 15-minute luck boost.
  • LUCKYBOI - Redeem for a 30-minute luck boost.
  • SFXRocks - Redeem for a 30-minute luck boost.
  • strangertingz - 30 minute Cash boost
  • Azure is a good leader - 15 minute EXP boost
Expired codes for Sword Factory:
  • Favorite30KTIMES! - Redeem for a 30-minute cash boost.
  • 2MVISITS–3M-NEXT? - Redeem for a 30-minute cash boost.

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