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How to acquire the Haunted Harvester in Blade Ball

How to acquire the Haunted Harvester in Blade Ball
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Roblox boasts thousands of game experiences, and one of the most popular at the moment is Blade Ball. It’s a pretty simple game, pitting players against one another using swords to deflect a rapidly bouncing ball away from them before it hits. As the game and the ball speed up, it’s only a matter of time before people begin slipping up and only one player remains.

It’s a simple concept, but like many other games on Roblox, there’s also a whole host of unlockable items available that you can buy with Robux or unlock via special in-game events. And of those, one of the items popping up recently has been the Haunted Harvester, a pretty sweet-looking red scythe. But if you’re hoping to get a hold of it, you may be disappointed.

How to get the Haunted Harvester?

Well, spoiler alert, you can’t. Okay, that’s not technically true - the Haunted Harvester was available over the Halloween period as a special reward for the battle pass in this experience. When it was available, you would have to complete Blade Ball’s Halloween battle pass five times in order to unlock the Haunted Harvester as an exclusive reward. Naturally, bypassing this with Robux was also possible - however, it’s somewhat of a moot point right now.

The Halloween Event when it was active

But, don’t give up hope, as the popularity of this item among the fandom makes it a strong possibility that the Haunted Harvester will return the next time Halloween rolls around. It could also pop up in the store, although likely not for a few months in order to prevent disappointing those who put their hard-earned time into grinding the Blade Ball battle pass.

If you need a hand in getting a headstart, you can use our latest Blade Ball codes for a variety of rewards that - while they may not be as good as the Harvester - can still give you a big boost. We’ve also got coverage of almost everything Roblox-related right here on!

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