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Roblox: Evade codes in April 2024

Roblox: Evade codes in April 2024
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Updated on April 15, 2024 - Checked for new codes

Evade is a fast-paced, simple game where you and a bunch of other players are dropped onto a map. You must then hide from the person who is picked as the killer. They can move quicker than the rest of you and is able to quickly overpower you and cause you to faint. You and the other players can help each other back up, put various items on your avatar to help you all survive and lead the bad person along a new path.

This popular Roblox game, of course, has codes! These codes are often items that can help you survive or make your avatar look better if you put them on your character before the round starts. For those of you playing other Roblox experiences, we have Bakery Simulator codesPLS DONATE codesSoul War codes and a lot more. Don't be shy, look around!

Active Evade codes

  • luckyday - Four Clover Pin
  • therealdeal - Bird Badge

Expired codes

  • usethisifyouaregullible - 5000 coins and 3000 xp
  • 1bill - 1Bill Accessory
  • release - Wearable Cosmedic
  • NewYears2023 - New Years Accessory
  • HolidayUpdateFix - 2000 Tokens
  • HolidayUpdateFixEXP - 500 XP

Redeeming Evade codes

How to redeem codes for Evade

On the menu, as soon as you load up the game, you can see a Twitter bird icon. If you tap that, it has a space to enter codes into and redeem them. 

When it comes to codes in Evade on Roblox, this game doesn't seem to create codes for milestones. Instead, we primarily see codes for holidays and when the update fails to perform well or is really buggy. These codes are given almost exclusively through Twitter, which is only used for these codes and the occasional update. These codes feel rarer than others, and none of them are through influencers or Youtubers, which is interesting! We will be keeping an eye out for more codes in the future.

Original article by Jupiter Hadley, updated by Sumant Meena
Jupiter Hadley
Jupiter Hadley
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