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Guide to crafting the best team in Revived Witch

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Guide to crafting the best team in Revived Witch

Two things are important in most of the gacha games. Characters and team compositions. We are going to teach you to create the best team in Revived Witch.

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As of 6th March, the jury has been passed, with solemn it is announced that the witch will be stripped of her invincibility and ability to revive as Global (and concurrently Korean server) will face End of Service on May 7th. However, fret not as the CN version of the game will still be up and players can continue their journey from there (albeit circumventing the tough-as-nails wall is another matter). More details are in the official post here.

With that in mind, pixel enthusiasts will immensely enjoy what this game has to offer: Pleasant aesthetics in the form of pixel art for its sprites and overworld puzzles reminiscent of Guardian Tales. While on the surface the gameplay is simple enough to pick up (mirroring the concept of yin and yang, each character has their own Order and Chaos skills), the bulk of it lies within the majority of exploration elements waiting to spring into surprise through navigating the ancient tiles of beautiful dungeons in story mode. Coupled with some gorgeous designs for their heretical witches from beloved artists, true to the production team's own words:

"It allows us to fulfil the desire of players to see smoothly moving illustrations of characters in standing poses."

With the diverse amount of game modes in Revived Witch, along with a plethora of characters each with different trades. A team comprises six characters, three in the front row and three as reserves. Befitting its fantasy RPG theme, characters have classes, including Mage, Assassin, Destroyer, Guardian, Healer, Compeller, and lastly, your character, Witch, with her one-of-her-kind class.

Starting with a disclaimer: this game is loaded with UR characters. Naturally, they will be mandatory to deal with super tough quests and PvP. However, there are a handful of notable SSR/SR characters that can perform on par with the UR options or better, in some cases, so, they will be included in this guide.

As a parting memento to the wondrous delight this short-lived game has offered along the way, we have composed a guide to setting up the best team. However, do keep in mind once the Global version has concluded its story, we will retrofit this guide to align with the current CN meta. We recommend our handy Revived Witch tier list to go along with this guide. 

As with most games of the same genre, you will want to stick with the usual set multi-role set-up, which includes:


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Best Magic Teams

Afallen/Goddess Dana/Eddine OR Amanami OR Tuonel

Class: Mage//Guardian//Compeller

Super viable across most game modes. Afallen is your go-to magic off-tank. Her first skill: Barrier is a 10-second taunt that draws enemy' attention away from your other allies, her second skill Holy Radiance can deal pretty good damage. Goddess Dana will be the DPS star child that deals high Magic damage further enhanced during an Outbreak thanks to her passive ability Evernight, her second skill, Star Fall, is her forte where the majority of Magic Attack is dished out. The third component of the team sees Eddine, the compeller, capable of amplifying your fellow magic fanatics' damage output by a notch with her passive skill: Enraptured. Both Dana and Eddine have skills in their repertoire that can further cripple enemy’ Magic Defence, leaving more chinks in the enemy’s magic defence. Eddine can also buff the party’s Order energy regeneration rate. which Afallen will appreciate greatly.

Consideration: A Compeller such as Amanami or Tuonel to replace Eddine’s slot. One fatal flaw of Afallen is that she needs considerable investment. Hence, during her infancy, she requires the support of a capable healer to get her health back up to endure attacks. Added Bonus: Tuonel can stack Chaos energy relatively quickly to enable Goddess Dana to repeatedly abuse her second skill.

Symbrette/Tuonel/Ushpia OR U.Pollyben

Class: Guardian//Compeller//Mage

A more PvP-focused team. Symbriette sees absolute dominance in competitive mode. Her debuff capabilities manifested in her skill Tidal Clarion is noteworthy as they make enemies take extra magic damage that scales with her Max Health. Tuonel (her original variant, not to be confused with her Night variant) is a versatile pawn piece that is a universal fit for both teams despite her disturbingly tragic backstory. She is a consistent healer and good battery as her passive skill can regenerate chaos energy. U.pollyben is also another PvP-oriented doll where Unique Equipment can make her stun enemies at every fourth hit each time her skill Smoke and Mirrors is used. Added with her passive skill that aids in the frequent usage of Smoke and Mirrors translates to more frequent stun applied to enemies.

However, Ushpia is worthy of consideration as she is a veritable budget doll that helps in tough situations through her passive Stun skill, coupled with corrosive poison that cripples enemies slowly but greatly. However, her versatility comes to a halt in stages where enemies are blessed with stun immunity.

Shiroi/Eddine OR Tuonel/Tuonel of Night OR Nannar

Class: Mage//Compeller //Guardian

Shiroi is another top-tier boss killer just slightly behind Goddess Dana. In part due to her debuff skills that weaken enemies’ Magic DEF, on top of being able to deal damage frequently though is largely dependent on lady luck’s favour on her passive skill, which provides a slim chance of not consuming any Chaos Energy. For defence, Nannar is also another wonderful choice as a magic-oriented tank. However, she is more of an afterthought as she heavily relies on her Unique Equipment to gain an incredibly large amount of self-regeneration. Otherwise, Eddine as mentioned above, amps out the party's overall Magic damage output.

Next comes the ghastly counterpart of Tuonel, named Tuonel of the Night. Best suited to tackle difficult content such as Chronospace, she is a tank whose passive skill Fearless is crucial as your team will be more sturdy with lower health. In addition to the party-wide tanky shield with her 1st skill Devil’s Protection, yikes.

Mayahuel/Nannar OR Afallen/Amanami OR Cynetia

Class: Mage// Guardian//Compeller

A godsend to both beginners and veterans alike starring Mayahuel, one of the best SSR is extremely valued for her second skill, Starlight Wrath, to punish swathe of enemies with high Magic Defence stat through magic shred, all while being capable of healing the party every time she performs an attack makes her a powerhouse and essential in any magic team composition. The choice of tank is pretty flexible, Afallen is one of the best meat shields against all kinds of magic or physical attacks with her 10-second taunt skill, all the while being able to bite back with her second skill by inflicting massive magic attacks. Same for support characters, however. If players possess a well-upgraded Nannar, she can be a good alternate option.

The choice of a support unit is also flexible. Amanami is a top-tier support for the team, boasting a party-wide heal, attack up, and being a walking embodiment of magic nuke with her second skill Seigaha. She also enables the team simply by generating Order Energy in short time intervals. Cynetia is regarded as a poor man’s Tuonel that is oftentimes still a budget alternative, minus the Chaos energy generation. She can provide decent party-wide healing coverage as well as ATK buffs.

Best Physical Teams

Catherine OR Cassis/Isabel OR Angling/Amorai

Class: Guardian//Assassin OR Destroyer//Compeller

Catherine (hue hue Jeanne D’Arc) is often touted as the best physical tank and you will not go wrong with her. She is capable of taunting enemies and erring on the supportive side by toughening up allies with shield thanks to her 2nd skill. Her passive skill Resplendent Majesty allows her to increase damage taken by enemies in a brief period. However, Cassis is a blend of good support and offence, with the former manifested in the form of a party-wide shield buff and the latter excellent physical damage. Highly valued for her ability to block any incoming lethal damage toward an ally.

The DPS piece would be Isabel, who gained notoriety (in a good way) for being an absolute bonkers assassin that can pretty much cut through bosses like a hot knife through butter thanks to her second skill: Suffered. Granting her high damage ratio and hits 5 times (with bonus damage factored in with the extra Chaos energy). Alternatively, Angling the fisherman’s wife has a skill kit that lets her deal very high physical damage in short bursts while able to increase Damage taken by enemies, effectively weakening them.

Amorai is the de facto healer for physical teams relying on Isabel, with her skill Diagnosis, she can grant a buff to fellow allies to negate Physical Defence while healing them in the meantime. Best of all, with every use of Diagnosis she can contribute to shoring up the team’s Chaos energy that, contributes to Chaos energy-dependant dolls such as Isabel.

Matveiffe OR Naiad/Cynetia/Luan OR Caledonia

Class: Assassin//Compeller//Guardian

Caledonia, her physical defence shredding capabilities are nothing minor to scoff at as they can stack up to 100%. Armed with her passive skill Sacred Beast she can cleanse all kinds of debuffs from herself for every 1/3 health lost, making her semi-immune to debuffs. For budget, Luan can be used thanks to her above-average self-sustainability. Her speciality lies in her passive skill Rebirth, which, as the namesake suggests, grants her a second comeback. Cynetia is regarded as a poor man’s Tuonel that is oftentimes still a budget alternative, minus the Chaos energy generation. She can provide decent party-wide healing coverage as well as ATK buffs.

Both Matveiffe and Naiad are quipped as the top-tier physical assassin to get by. Matveiffe’s a femme fatale to all meatheaded enemies that rely on their tough Physical defence as her passive skill Netherswap can negate Physical defence by a margin. Naiad on the other hand brings with her two skills that focus on dealing damage and damage only, making her sport the highest physical burst damage output in the game.


Class: Destroyer//Compeller//Destroyer

Tuonel plays a key component here as this team thirst for an infinity supply of Chaos Energy to fuel the DPS units here, who can be Kapla whose strength lives up to her class as a Destroyer, albeit her skill kit is very self-oriented: amping her own ATK and DEF to obliterate enemies. Metamorphoses is another doll that will see use, particularly in mono-yellow (Saltstone element) and Physical team. She will also need to guzzle all and every Chaos Energy to power her 2nd skill Emotion Surge to deal damage. One standout aspect is her 1st skill Borrow that is highly beneficial to physical teams in terms of ATK and DEF

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