Revived Witch launches Christmas update with a rerun of Dazzling Stage and new dolls

Revived Witch launches Christmas update with a rerun of Dazzling Stage and new dolls
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Yostar is all set for the holidays as it has launched a Christmas update that brings a series of events to Revive Witch. The Dazzling Stage event is back once again, featuring the story of Flora and her friends. Additionally, new dolls, costumes, and rewards are also being introduced.

Revived Witch’s Dazzling Stage event is currently live and will until January 10th, 2023. It sees Flora and Caledonia take part in idol training that includes singing, dancing, and performance. Alongside this idol plot, players can also participate in the Fantasy City Main Story, Side Story, and Warm Up Stages for some extra rewards.

Completing all of those stages before December 27th will subsequently unlock a Boss Battle, which can be fought once a day without consuming any stamina. Rewards include event currency, which can be exchanged for goodies like the SSR Compeller and Dorin from the Event Shop.

Revived Witch is embracing the Christmas spirit as well by giving away loads of free rewards to everyone. Finishing Main Story levels will unlock free stamina and login events will provide items such as Souls, Soul Cryolite, and Doll ascension materials too.

Two new dolls join the squad as well. First up is Claire, a UR Mercury Mage and top idol that won last year’s season of Shiny Girls. She can attack enemies ten times in a tow, dealing magic damage to them, in addition to boosting damage caused by all skills after this.

Then we have Naiad, the personal guard of Princess Amanami. She is a UR Brimstone Assassin and utilizes a powerful blade on the battlefield. Using her sword, she slashes through enemies and performs an iaido attack that does immense physical damage to everyone in the vicinity.

Don’t forget to check out all the new items in the shop as well. Download Revived Witch now for free by clicking on either of the links below.

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