Reverse: 1999 release part two of the version 1.6 update with a new 6-star character

More events are added as the half-anniversary celebrations continue

Reverse: 1999 release part two of the version 1.6 update with a new 6-star character
  • New 6-star character Getian
  • New UTTU Flash Gathering
  • More half-anniversary events

After a cracking first phase of Reverse: 1999’s version 1.6 update, Notes on Shuori, it’s time to embrace the second half, which brings a sea of new content to the time-travel RPG. Bluepoch Games has just dropped a new update on Android, iOS, and PC and you can expect to get your hands on a bunch of rewards, a new character, questlines, and of course, more half-anniversary rewards.

After the addition of Jiu Niangzi for the first time, phase two of Reverse: 1999’s v1.6 brings Getian to the fray. He’s another 6-star character who listens intently to the requests of climbers, telling them of their fortunes. Getian fails to understand why climbers take such risks and believes the secrets may lie somewhere below the mountains.

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You can obtain Getian from the new Over the New Leaf banner that will also feature other 5-star characters like Bkornblume and X. Getian’s character story called Flowing in the Wind will also be available if you wish to learn more about him. Another way of getting 6-star characters is the Revelation of the Water summoning event that is to be held until June 22nd.

Meanwhile, you can take part in a new UTTU Flash Gathering called The Story of a Besieged Town, where you must collect Fame Cards in the reading spectacle. Clear the quest to earn a new garment, a limited portrait, and a bunch of other materials. Plus, the highly anticipated roguelike mode, Echoes in the Mountain is due to go live in a few weeks.

Here are some Reverse: 1999 codes for June 2024!

Other events that are currently available include Treasures in the Ancient City II, Andante of Music and Sound, and a rerun of The Theft of the Rimet Cup.

Check out all the new content by downloading Reverse: 1999 now for free. Visit the official website for more information.

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