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Revelation M codes (April 2024)

Revelation M codes (April 2024)
Updated on April 16, 2024 - Checked for new codes

Most multiplayer mobile games periodically release gift codes. By using them, you can net a variety of rewards for free. Among the many games that offer such codes is the popular mobile MMORPG Revelation M. Revelation M codes give you an edge in battle by offering a variety of helpful items like Rebirth Seals, Bound Sky Gems and more. Of course, we have gathered every code that the official developer released so far, and our list is always up to date.

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Active Revelation M codes

  • VALENTINE24 - free rewards
  • NEWYEAR2024RM - free rewards
  • Registration- 2 Rebirth Seals, 10 White Tiger Souls, 20 Epic Gem Vaults, 388 Bound Sky Gems, 20 Black Tortoise Souls, and 30 Twin Koi
  • RMDiscord01- 5 epic Gem Vaults, 30 Bound Sky Gems, 50 Rebirth Seal Shards, and 10 Epic Gem Vaults
  • CharContest - 3 RaRa Treasure Bags, 58 Bound Sky Gems and 10

Menu for redeeming gift codes

How to redeem Revelation M codes

To redeem a code tap settings in the menu then tap redeem code. Enter the code into the text box and tap claim. The rewards will be sent to your mailbox. A message will appear stating to check your mailbox if the code is still valid. However, don’t confuse your mailbox with the mail section of the in-game store. To reach your mailbox, open the chat menu and tap the envelope icon at the bottom of the screen. Then simply tap on the mail and hit claim.

Emails in Revelation M showing bundle emails

About The Game

From HaoPlay Revelation M is a mobile MMORPG in which you are immersed in a vivid fantasy realm. Featuring breathtaking 3D graphics. It offers incredibly in-depth character customization. Further, personalize your avatar with a variety of fashionable outfits and build your dream home on your personal island. On your island, you can farm, garden, and purchase new furniture to decorate your home to suit your distinct tastes.

Original article by Jack Brassell, updated by Sumant Meena.

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Jack Brassell
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