Rec Room: A few Disc Golf tips to help you

Rec Room: A few Disc Golf tips to help you

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Here are a few Disc Golf tips to get you successfully flinging your discs into the baskets!

Rec Room is a game that features a ton of other games for you to check out and play. From sports to horror to adventure, Rec Room seems to offer a bit of everything. There are plenty of games that are made by the developers but you'll see even more of them created by the community. 

Playing from a first-person perspective, you can essentially play whatever you like. It's very similar to games like Roblox or Dreams where the community helps deepen the experience. But one popular developer-made game is Disc Golf.

Disc Golf is really one of the first games you'll see when you take a look at your watch (your watch gives you access to basically everything). It's a lot of fun to play and has some solid physics too. With the ever-growing popularity of the sport, this game mode could still remain pretty hot. 

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Tip #1 - Think Longer, Not Shorter

Accuracy and power are two essentials aspects of both traditional and disc golf. In Rec Room's variation of the latter, this same thing applies here, especially with how smooth the physics are. Of course, it's always good to have the right amount of touch on your throws.

However, it's not a bad idea to think more than less. Some holes will have baskets that are in front of something that can be used as a wall of sorts for your shots if needed. But throwing for power will give you a much better chance of getting your disc closer to the basket.

And it can also be a bit easy to sell yourself short on throws. Now, if you want to go the short route, then you certainly can. Just keep in mind where the basket is on a certain hole as you get closer to it. This will enable you to decide if you want to go light again or put a bit more power into it.

Tip #2 - Going Harder on Putts

So, this really echoes what the last tip was talking about which is to balance your shot power by considering going longer instead of shorter. The same thing sort of applies here to putting. The thing about disc golf in Rec Room is that the way you score is slightly different.

You don't necessarily need to throw the disc into the basket fully to score. Usually, all you need to do is hit it and it counts for a score. This will allow you to focus on putting an extra sprinkle of power into your longer putts, as you have a bit of comfort.

Beware, you can still overthrow your putts by accident if your accuracy is a bit off, but when all you need to do is just hit the basket, this gives you more room for error. One time, I even hit the bottom of the basket and scored. Sure, this is unrealistic, but it's forgiving and doesn't take the fun away from RR's solid disc golf game.

Tip #3 - Practice Throwing Things

This tip seems pretty funny but it can help you out with disc golf in Rec Room. The sport of disc golf is all about throwing. Sure, other sports like basketball, baseball, and football (American) have throwing involved in it, but there are so many other elements to those games.

In disc golf, it's essentially 100% throwing, and this is something that you can practice almost anywhere in Rec Room. Since there's no real practice round in the disc golf, your best bet is to just grab and throw things around in the main area or your dorm room.

This can be effective and can get you laughing along the way. There's a basketball court in the main lobby area where you test your tossing skills on the hardwood. This is a different sport obviously, but the throwing mechanics are similar. Of course, you can just grab some other things and toss them too. Almost everything in Rec Room is grabbable and that's one thing that's fun about it.

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