Rec Room is making the jump to the Nintendo Switch

A further development of its cross-platform plans

Rec Room is making the jump to the Nintendo Switch
| Rec Room
  • UGC gaming platform Rec Room is making the jump to Nintendo Switch
  • Players who pre-register will receive an exclusive cosmetic reward at launch
  • Rec Room boasts over 100 million lifetime users

Social and UGC gaming platform Rec Room is set to make the jump to another as it hits the Nintendo Switch. Rec Room, which boasts a social gaming experience and thousands of its own mini-games, does not have a set release date for the Nintendo Switch, but prospective players can pre-register on the game's website.

Rec Room could best be described as a more recent, refined version of UGC platforms like Roblox. And while it pales in comparison to the massive player count of that game, 100 million players is nothing to be sniffed at.

And with Rec Room coming to the Nintendo Switch, they'd be opening up the opportunity for even more players to jump in and enjoy the game. Pre-registrants also qualify for a minor cosmetic reward to add to their Rec Room avatar.

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Why Switch?

We do think it's odd to make the jump to Switch, given the big news now regarding Nintendo is what the successor to the Switch will be. But the console remains a really popular choice, even by being a strange midway between a regular gaming platform and a handheld.

But the big thing is that Rec Room is, of course, crossplay compatible. That means that the Switch if nothing else, presents a more comfortable way to play Rec Room for long gaming sessions.

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