Rec Room: A few tips for players starting out

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Rec Room: A few tips for players starting out

A Multi-Event Wonderland

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Rec Room is one of those fun games that feature a slew of mini-games. The majority of these are created by the community and feature some strong offerings. It'll remind you a bit of Roblox, which is also known for featuring a ton of games as well. Here are a few Rec Room tips to kick off your adventure in this impressive world.

RC offers many sports-like games such as Disc Golf and Archery to go along with the many user-created games. You'll see a lot of recreated versions of iconic games such as Dark Souls or Five Nights at Freddy's among other parodies.

There's a lot to unpack with Rec Games, so we'll just give you some basic things to keep in mind when you play. Each game is specific, but some things will still remain true. 

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Get Used to Interacting

So this is a very basic thing but is one that is essential to your success in almost any game you play in Rec Room. Interaction is very well done in the game. You can touch and grab almost anything that you see. It's this interactivity that helps with the game's immersion.

You can pick up balls, sticks, discs and even grab and eat donuts. With the game's very hands-on experience, it's definitely important to get comfortable with the controls. It won't take you long, but with no real automation, everything you do is purely manual.

A dorm room will be presented to you after going through orientation. While here, feel free to mess around and start grabbing stuff. There's a basketball on the floor by a garbage can. You can pick this up and try shooting it in the little hoop (sadly, when I did it, the ball got stuck behind a table). You can also climb a ladder where you'll see a whiteboard and some markers. Interact with these too and get silly with your drawings. It's a simple little warm-up to get you ready to start grabbing.

Try Out Different Types of Games

One good way to get yourself familiarized with the control scheme of Rec Room is by playing a bunch of different games. Some may require certain movements while others might take a bit more concentration. It really all depends.

Most games are broken down by genres which can be helpful in your pursuit of gaming fun. You can also utilize the search bar and think of some things that you might be interested in. Feel free to be curious and try out some different stuff.

This will allow you to experiment with different types of play and get you better with the controls. There aren't many controls so it shouldn't take long to master. After playing through a few different games of interest, you'll be prepared for anything.

Familiarize Yourself With First-Person

In some ways, this echoes our control tips but definitely be sure to get acclimated with the first-person point of view in Rec Room. If you've played your share of first-person games in the past, then you should be in good shape overall.

And even if you don't have much first-person experience, you should get used to it pretty quickly. There will be a box in the top right corner of your screen, showing the front of your character if you want to get a neat little third-person view.

But this is important to know because, since you're playing through the eyes of your character, you won't be able to see things around you as move.

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