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Rainbow Six Mobile tier list - All operators ranked

Rainbow Six Mobile tier list - All operators ranked

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Updated on November 27th, 2023 - Version 0.5.6

Rainbow Six Mobile’s beta has arrived on Android, and we have been playing it for two weeks now. Ubisoft has done a fantastic job bringing the Rainbow Six experience to mobile. If you have also recently downloaded the game and want to know which are the best operators, you have come to the right place. Rainbow Six Mobile tier list is here to rank all the operators available in the game from best to worst.

About the game

Rainbow Six Mobile is a free-to-play tactical shooter. It's developed and published by Ubisoft Montreal and is scheduled to release worldwide later this year. It will be the eighteenth installment in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Franchise and the first to develop the series since Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard.

Rainbow Six Siege heavily inspires the game, but it is in no way a mere mobile port. It's built from scratch for phones and incorporates aspects of the entire franchise.

In Rainbow Six Mobile, you will participate in 5v5 battles where the teams are divided into attackers and defenders. The attackers have to complete an objective, which can be to defuse bombs or capture the area, while the defenders have to stop them. The round ends when all players from a team die, or a team achieves its objective. Overall, it's a fun shooter that emphasizes cooperation between players and environmental destruction.

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Before jumping into a match, roles are allotted to each team. You have to choose an operator based on your team's role. For example, if your team becomes an attacker, you must select one of the attacker operators available. There cannot also be multiple of the same operator. If someone has already selected Sledge, you will have to pick someone else. (The default Atk and Def recruit is an exception to this.)

Initially, you start your journey with Atk and Def recruit, but you unlock more operators as you progress. At the time of writing, there are 18 operators available, nine attackers and nine defenders. Once you unlock six or seven operators, it becomes quite confusing to figure out which one is best. This is where our Rainbow Six Mobile tier list will come in handy.

Rainbow Six Mobile tier list

In our Rainbow Six Mobile tier list, we have categorised the operators into various tiers - S, A, B and C based on their strengths, weapon loadout and ability. Operators in tier S are the most powerful options, and you should try to choose them, while you should avoid those in tier C.

In future, more operators will be added, and balance changes will be made, making some operators better and vice-versa. We will regularly update this tier list so that it remains relevant to the latest in-game updates.

Original article by Sumant Meena, updated by Mihail Katsoris.
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Rainbow Six Mobile - Tier S

Sledge operator

Operators that are at the top of the Rainbow Six Mobile tier list are the best options that you can choose. They are very strong and will give you an upper hand on the battleground.

Hibana is a very strong pick as an attacker, but I personally like to choose Sledge because he is very easy to play with, and his ability allows you to create holes in walls creating new lines of fire and entry points. Using Sledge, you can make some sick gameplay moves and harass the defenders.

For Defending, Jäger is a pretty solid pick for the same reason that he is quite easy to learn and play. Moreover, his gadget allows him to destroy incoming projectiles.

Operator Role Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Primary Gadget Unique Ability
Hibana Attacker Type-89 CQB 93R Handgun Stun Grenades X-Kairos Launcher
Sledge Attacker L85A2 - Assault Rifle SMG-11 - Machine Pistol Frag Grenade Tactical Breaching Hammer
Ash Attacker R4-C - Assault Rifle 5.7 USG - Handgun Stun Grenades Breaching Rounds
Jäger Defender 416-C - Assault Rifle P9 - Handgun Barbed Wire Magpie Defense System
Valkyrie Defender MPX - Submachine Gun Keratos.40 - Handgun Nitro Cell Black Eye Cameras
Smoke Defender M500 - Shotgun SMG-11 - Machine Pistol Deployable Shield Gas Grenade

Rainbow Six Mobile - Tier A

Thatcher operator in Rainbow Six Mobile

Tier A operators might not be as good as those in tier S, but they are still a pretty solid pick, and in good hands, they can even outperform a tier S operator.

Consider Thermite to be the support of the attacking team. He is the only hard breacher. Playing as a Thermite requires a lot of patience, leadership and strong communication, but once you get the hang of him, he is an absolute beast.

In tier A, we just have one defender. Mute requires a lot of skill to play and will take you a long time to master. His primary weapon is a shotgun, meaning you want to take close-quarter battles, and your accuracy should be good. But on the bright side, you can take down enemies in a single shot.

Operator Role Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Primary Gadget Unique Ability
Thatcher Attacker L1A1 - Assault Rifle SDP 9mm - Handgun Claymore EMP Grenades
Thermite Attacker 552-Com - Assault Rifle 5.7 USG - Handgun Claymore Exothermic Charge
Mute Defender M590A1 - Shotgun AP30 - Handgun Nitro Cell GC90 Signal Disruptor "Jammer"

Rainbow Six Mobile - Tier B

Glaz operator

Though we don’t recommend choosing the operators mentioned here, if those mentioned in tier S and tier A have already been chosen by your teammates, and you don’t have others unlocked, you should pick one of these characters.

Glaz is a trained marksman, capable of soft breaching and providing covering fire from a distance. If you like to take long-range battles, then you should choose Glaz as he is the only operator that has a unique scope ability HDS flip sight.

On the defending side, Bandit is as strong as he looks. He is one of the strongest operators when it comes to denying attackers entry into a room or defending the objective.

Operator Role Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Primary Gadget Unique Ability
Glaz Attacker OTs-03 - Designated Marksman Rifle AP30 - Handgun Smoke Grenades Thermal Flip Scope
Twitch Attacker F2 - Assault Rifle P9 - Handgun Claymore Shock Drone
Bandit Defender MP7 - Submachine Gun 5.7 USG - Handgun Barbed Wire Shock Wire
Rook Defender MP5 - Submachine Gun D-50 - Handgun Deployable Shield "Rhino" Armor Pack

Rainbow Six Mobile - Tier C

Ying operator at the bottom of the tier list for Rainbow Six Mobile

Rainbow Six Mobile Operators mentioned in tier C should be avoided as they don’t bring much to the battlefield.

Atk Recruit and Def Recruit are the default operators that everyone has and are the weakest options, so always avoid choosing them. But if for any reason, you want to pick an attacker and defender from tier C, I’d recommend Ying and Kapkan.

Ying might not be that strong overall, but her loadout is actually solid. Kapkan, on the other hand, can place deadly traps. He can place a C4 trap at entry points, which will get activated when motion is detected.

With this, we come to the end of our Rainbow Six Mobile operators tier list. For more tips and guides, stay tuned with us.

Operator Role Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Primary Gadget Unique Ability
Ying Attacker T-95 LSW - Light Machine Gun LFP 686 - Handgun Breach Charges Candela Device
Caveira Defender Origin-12 - Shotgun Luison - Handgun Impact Grenade Silent Step; Interrogation
Kapkan Defender 9x19 VSN - Submachine Gun Bailiff 410 - Handgun Nitro Cell EDD “Booby Trap”
Atk Recruit Attacker M4 - Assault Rifle SDP 9mm - Handgun Breach Charges Frag Grenade
Def Recruit Defender UMP45 - Submachine Gun 5.7 USG - Handgun Barbed Wire Extra Impact Grenade

That would be a complete Rainbow Six Mobile tier list. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think, and while you're at it, you can take a look at the Pokemon Masters EX tier list, Eternal Evolution tier list, Gunfire Reborn character tier list and a lot of others that you can check.

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