Rainbow Six Mobile's closed alpha test goes live next week in a few countries

Rainbow Six Mobile's closed alpha test goes live next week in a few countries

FPS fans must be dancing and celebrating right now because Ubisoft has just announced the date for Rainbow Six Mobile’s closed alpha test. In case you are unfamiliar with the franchise, Rainbow Six is a widely popular FPS series on PC and console inspired by Tom Clancy’s novel of the same name. It is based on an international counter-terrorist group called Rainbow. Returning to mobile after over a decade, Ubisoft aims to bring all the features and iconic Operators to smartphones.

Rainbow Six Mobile’s testing begins on May 3rd. Right now, only Android users can participate in the test by signing up on the official website by creating their own Ubisoft account. iOS users can sign-up to keep up with news on the game but will have to wait to try it out. This alpha test will not be available globally but will be limited to the USA, Mexico, and Canada. Players can also join the game’s official Discord server to stay up to date as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not everyone who registers will be allowed to participate. All selected participants will receive unique codes through email, which will allow them to download the game. Severs will remain constitutively open so players can drop in whenever they want to wreak havoc. All the game’s core mechanics will be available from May 3rd. 16 Operators and two maps will be available to test out two of Rainbow Six’s modes. Of course, since it is a closed alpha, no progress will be saved as the testing phases proceed.

Feedback can then be passed on to the developers to smash all bugs and improve the game. Ready to drop in? Don’t forget to register soon then!

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