Puzzle & Dragons latest crossover introduces characters and content from legendary fighting game Street Fighter 6

Puzzle & Dragons latest crossover introduces characters and content from legendary fighting game Street Fighter 6
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Legendary match-3 RPG Puzzle & Dragons has launched its latest crossover event, this time with the equally legendary fighting game series Street Fighter. This collaboration brings a boatload of new Dungeons to tackle, but more importantly, a ton of new characters from Street Fighter 6 specifically.

To begin with, let’s go over the new gacha additions with this update. From the new limited-time collaboration banner, you can gain access to characters from the recently released Street Fighter 6 with the likes of Luke, Jamie, and Kimberly. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Street Fighter event without Ryu and Ken showing up, so you can also add the two protagonists of the series to your roster!

Now for the meat of this massive update; the new Dungeons. With the launch of this event, you’ll be able to access six different dungeons, each offering different rewards. The first two are relatively simple tower Dungeons that will reward players with the Street Fighter Collab - Gold Medal, as well as a free pull on that limited-time banner upon clearing the last level on Hard. Next, we have the Street Fighter 2 Dungeon, which is based on the game of the same name, and consists of eight floors. You’ll have to use fixed teams to clear this one, but can gain another free pull here too alongside other various rewards.

Then, we have the JP Descended! Dungeon, which will again reward you with a free gacha pull, but will also give you a new character for free with the villainous JP! This one can also be done in multiplayer with 2 other players too, as can the Street Fighter Colosseum Dungeon, which will drop Event Medals and legendary upgrade materials too!

Finally, we have the Title Challenge special Dungeon, which will force players to use a fixed Helper and clear it within a set amount of time. You’ll receive the event title [Street Fighter 6] for clearing it.

That’s the meat of this massive collaboration, but there’s also some other odds and ends added in such as new real-money packages to purchase and a new Monster Exchange where you can Exchange Street Fighter Collab Medals to gain new characters like the demonic fighter Kage and others!

If you want to check out all this new content yourself, give Puzzle and Dragons and a download for free at the links below!

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