Puzzle & Dragons brings back collaboration with classic anime series Hunter x Hunter

The collaboration has run previously to positive reception from players

Puzzle & Dragons brings back collaboration with classic anime series Hunter x Hunter
  • Puzzle & Dragons is bringing back its collab with classic anime series Hunter x Hunter
  • You'll be able to recruit members of the Phantom Troupe including Franklin, Kortopi, Bonolenov, and Kalluto
  • There's even more rewards and eight collab-exclusive dungeons to enjoy

Puzzle & Dragons, the hit puzzle game, is set to bring back their successful collaboration with the classic anime series Hunter x Hunter. The event will feature eight collab-exclusive dungeons, members of the Phantom Troupe such as Franklin, Kortopi, Bonolenov, and Kalluto, as well as more exclusive rewards to earn.

Hunter x Hunter follows the story of Gon in a world of superhuman martial arts, giant monsters and, naturally, adventure. Being one of the more cult-hit series out there, Hunter x Hunter has nevertheless earned a huge following over the years since it first began publication in 1998, with extended hiatuses contributing to it being relatively easy for new fans to 'catch up'.

More anime, more problems

It's not necessarily unfair to call Puzzle & Dragons the 'anime puzzle game' as the title has had numerous collaborations with series both big and small. Everything from Demon Slayer to Chainsaw Man has featured in-game with exclusive characters, dungeons and more.

The amount of collaborations Puzzle & Dragons has had also speaks to the popularity of the game in giving these series more exposure. It definitely makes us curious to see exactly what's going to be next, or return to the field of, well, not battle; puzzling maybe?

The latest Puzzle & Dragons/Hunter x Hunter collab goes live as of today and runs through to April 22nd.

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