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Battle Crush, a brand new arena-fighter battle royale mix, launches its first global open beta for Android

Battle Crush, a brand new arena-fighter battle royale mix, launches its first global open beta for Android
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A brand new action brawler entitled Battle Crush has launched its first global beta test for Android and PC users today and will be available in 25 different countries. This fast-paced and frantic arena fighter lands somewhere between a MOBA and a fighting game, with a large cast of eclectic characters, each with their own abilities and playstyle.

Battle Crush, at first glance, reminds me a lot of an old and now defunct PC game that many were sad to see go; Battlerite. They share more than just naming conventions too, as both are top-down MOBA-like arena fighters, though Battle Crush mixes it up a bit by adding some hints of battle royale into the mix as well. So, in summary, this one acts as a happy medium between fighting games, MOBAs, and even battle royale genre-wise.

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Sounds like a lot to juggle, but it seems to do it rather well. The concept, as you might imagine, sees 30 different players spawning into a map with a shrinking circle intent on pushing all of these players together until the brawl is inevitable. There are three different game modes, but for all, the primary gameplay of picking a character and learning their kit to do battle with others remains at the core.

And these characters could not be more different if they tried. Each has its own unique attack properties and defence properties as well, meaning you have a big task ahead of you to learn how to both play your own character and play against your opponent’s characters.

The characters themselves are all based upon ancient mythology, meaning you’ll be seeing familiar names like Posideon, Hermes, Ursus, and so on. During the beta, you’ll have access to 15 of these characters, and can likely expect even more when the game fully launches later on.

If you’d like to check out Battle Crush yourself, you can download the beta client for free at the link below as long as you’re located within one of the 25 countries that currently supports the server. You can also learn more by checking out our recent interview with lead producer Hyungsuk Kang.

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