Collect Crystal Defenders and Final Fantasy characters during a limited event in Puzzle & Dragons

Test your meddle in 14 limited-time dungeons.

Collect Crystal Defenders and Final Fantasy characters during a limited event in Puzzle & Dragons
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More Final Fantasy characters are coming to the mobile puzzle game Puzzle & Dragons. Now through January 15, characters from Crystal Defenders and the Final Fantasy game series are available in the game. You can summon these Crystal Defenders characters during the crossover event to take on 14 new limited-time dungeons.

Final Fantasy characters joining the game include Clive, Joshua, Jill, and Dion from Final Fantasy XVI. You can collect these characters through pulls from the Final Fantasy Memorial Egg Machine and the Final Fantasy Egg Machine. Furthermore, if you do five pools at once at the Final Fantasy Egg Machine, you'll get five free pulls for the Crystal Defenders Egg Machine.

You’ll battle enemies for a chance to win rewards such as the FF Crystal Medal-Gold in the Final Fantasy Collab and Final Fantasy Collab 2 dungeons. You’ll also receive a free pull for the Final Fantasy Memorial Egg Machine for clearing the Netherworld-Expert floor in the first dungeon and the Void Beyond-Expert floor in the second. You can trade your FF Crystal Medals at the Monster exchange to gain event-exclusive collab characters, Locke and Chocobo.

You can earn the Chocbo title by clearing the Chocobo Challenge dungeon within the time limit. Further, you can test your skills in the Final Fantasy Challenge, where you're guaranteed a Yiazmat drop upon defeating the dungeon boss.

You can level up your Final Fantasy collab characters via the Skill Leveling Dungeon Final Fantasy. Several one-shot dungeons are also available during the event, such as Moogle’s Gift and Gift from the Chocobos, where you’ll earn Moogle and Chocobo, respectively.

You can gain rewards like Red Crystal by participating in the Crystal Defenders dungeon. You'll also gain one pull for the Crystal Defenders Egg Machine for clearing the Cursed Shroud-Expert floor for the first time.

Puzzle & Dragons is a puzzle adventure game that melds monster collecting, dungeon crawling and match-3 puzzles. Created by GungHo Online Entertainment, Puzzle & Dragons has been available on the App Store and Google Play since 2012. To stay up to date on all the latest Puzzle & Dragons news, check out the game’s official website.

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