Puzzle & Dragons' collaboration with My Hero Academia is now live

Puzzle & Dragons' collaboration with My Hero Academia is now live

After an eventful collaboration with the beloved Star Wars franchise that ended yesterday in Puzzle & Dragons, GungHo has already shown the green light to the next. Beginning today, the popular match-3 puzzler will welcome the students of U.A. High School to the game as My Hero Academia is collaborating with Puzzle & Dragons. Heroes and villains from the extremely popular anime series will have to use their education and training as they will be facing the ultimate test.

Puzzle & Dragons and My Hero Academia’s collab event will run until July 10th and players logging in prior to that will be greeted with the U.A. High School Hero Course and Izuku Midoriya for free, the show’s main protagonist. Like with all crossover events, players will be rewarded with a pull from the My Hero Academia Memorial Egg Machine featuring iconic characters like Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, All Might, Tomura Shigaraki, All For One, and more.

The last event had only two dungeons so this time, GungHo is compensating with an extra dungeon, making it four for the collab. The My Hero Academia dungeon will grant players rewards like the U.A. High School Medal – Gold. The Challenge dungeon grants a free pull from the event memorial egg machine, while the League of Villains Rush one will give players U.A. High School Medal – Rainbow and more. Finally, the Overhaul Challenge is a skill-levelling dungeon that grants players Gold and loads more.

If all this sounds like a challenge, then you can cheese through the collab by paying for bundles. Get 10 Magic Stones and a pull from the Sir Nighteye Egg Machine for $9.99, 15 Magic Stones and a pull from the Hitoshi Shinso Egg Machine for $14.99, 20 Magic Stones and a pull from the 7-star MHA Egg Machine for $19.99, or one Magic Stone and a pull from the MHA Egg Machine for $0.99.

Begin participating in the crossover by downloading Puzzle & Dragons for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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