PuyoPuyo Quest set to soon host another crossover event with the legendary anime series Re:Zero

PuyoPuyo Quest set to soon host another crossover event with the legendary anime series Re:Zero

The tile-matching RPG PuyoPuyo Quest has revealed that it will host the re-run of its collaboration with the super popular anime series Re:Zero. This crossover will bring in a ton of new units and is planned to release in two parts, with the first running from August 23rd to September 5th, and the second portion running from September 15th to September 28th.

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For the unfamiliar, PuyoPuyo is an entire IP built on tile-matching. Originally created in the late 90s, this franchise exploded in popularity within Japan especially and has led to many different spin-offs and mainline entries, all built around simple tile-matching games with unique spins on them.

PuyoPuyo Quest is one of those spin-offs and plays much akin to something like Puzzle and Dragons, where you create a team that all have unique abilities that can then be used in tile-matching stages. It’s an interesting little gacha experience, and one that is unfortunately exclusive to the East, but still remains quite popular to this day.

And that popularity is sure to increase with the planned launch of the re-run of the Re:Zero collaboration. There are simply too many character additions to discuss in one article, as the total number of new gacha banner characters is at a whopping 18! All of these characters are Re:Zero themed and come equipped with unique abilities that will help you tackle the new event stages and story additions.

There’s a fair bit of those stages too, some of which will even unlock one or two of those new characters for free as well. It’s a packed event, needless to say, and one that PuyoPuyo Quest players won’t want to miss out on. So check it out on August 23rd by downloading the game for free at either of the links below this article!

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