Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space launches new catch-up campaign ahead of plans to unite the global and Japanese versions

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space launches new catch-up campaign ahead of plans to unite the global and Japanese versions

The long-running gacha JRPG classic Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, has launched its latest update, which brings a major campaign along with it that will help players catch up to current content. This patch is being released ahead of the plans to soon integrate the Japanese version of the game with the global one, allowing all players to tackle the same content at the same time without having to be a few months behind.

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Plans to keep the two different versions of the game were revealed only a little bit ago, but it seems that the developers of Another Eden are looking to get this train moving expeditiously, and want to help players along ahead of said plans too. This new campaign will allow new players and players who fell off the game to catch up rapidly and set them up to take part in all the new content that is sure to come.

For the unfamiliar, Another Eden is one of the longer-running gachas within the genre and has maintained its place as one of the few traditional JRPG gacha games left out there. While others have been trying out new genres such as auto-battlers or open-world RPGs, Another Eden has stayed true to its classically inspired vibes and has kept a relatively decent fanbase due to this.

And now, the developers are looking to remove the roadblock of English players not being caught up to their Japanese counterparts. This is a common move in gachas especially, where whatever location the game originally launched in will always stay months to years ahead in content drops, while the global or English version has to play catch up. Well, not anymore!

With the launch of this campaign, players will be able to collect XP and upgrade materials at a faster rate throughout the story, allowing you to level up way quicker than usual and max out your progress before the server integration patch finally drops.

When that will be is still unknown, but you best get ahead of it by downloading Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space for free at either of the links below!

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