Puyopuyo Quest, the Japan-exclusive puzzle RPG, announces a rerun for its collaborative event with legendary anime series Gintama

Puyopuyo Quest, the Japan-exclusive puzzle RPG, announces a rerun for its collaborative event with legendary anime series Gintama

The mobile puzzle gacha RPG Puyopuyo!! Quest, a Japan-exclusive spin-off of the popular Puyopuyo franchise, has announced that it will be re-running its successful crossover with the beloved anime series Gintama. This event will introduce new characters from the previous crossover, as well as the old ones too, so just about every fan-favourite Gintama character will be up for grabs here!

In case you aren’t familiar, Puyopuyo Quest is one of the many entries within the massive property that is Puyopuyo. This property is massive in Japan, and is a beloved tile-matching franchise that has been running since 1991, so it’s certainly nothing to scoff at despite seeming quite simple at a glance.

As for Puyopuyo Quest itself, this game is essentially the Puyopuyo IP’s take on Puzzles and Dragons, another very popular mobile gacha tile-matching puzzle RPG. It uses a similar card-based system for character abilities, but focuses on the match-3 aspect that the series is most known for.

And now, with this returning crossover, you’ll be able to add characters from the popular slapstick comedy anime Gintama as well. The new characters with this banner are Shiroyasha, Gintoki Sakta and Leader of the Kiheitai, Shinsuke Takasugi.

Both of these additions to the previous event’s roster that included the likes of Gintoki and Shinpachi are quite welcome to any fan of the anime, and when you toss in the fact that there will be lots of costumes for the regular Puyopuyo gang that are inspired by Gintama too, there’s a ton of fan service on offer here.

There is also the usual login event going on during the duration of the collaboration period, which will hand out the 6-star Elizabeth character and her 7-star transformation as well, so be sure you’re online during the days of May 24th to June 6th. There’s a bunch of additional content related to this event too such as a new story addition, banner bonuses, and more. For a deeper dive, check out the official Twitter account.

In the meantime, give Puyopuyo!! Quest a go by downloading it for free at either of the links below!

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