Pumped BMX Flow: Tips to help you in this side-scrolling trick fest

Pumped BMX Flow: Tips to help you in this side-scrolling trick fest

An endless run of epic BMX tricks

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Pumped BMX Flow is an arcade-style extreme sports game where you play from a side-scrolling view. It's quite similar to another game that's popular called Hill Climb Racing since both games have similar art styles and concepts. 

Pumped BMX, of course, focuses on bike riding versus motorized vehicles. But the goal of BMX is simple and fun. You need to nail as many tricks as you can whilst riding over several ramps. Keep going until you wipeout, which would mean a game over. 

And although it's easy enough to pick up and play, it can still be kind of tricky to master at times. Completing tricks on consecutive ramps can be challenging early on. That said, that's essentially what makes it fun, and once you get a flow going, it feels pretty rewarding. Here are a few little tips to help you out in the high-flying Pumped BMX Flow game. 

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Try Not to Overdo it

Pumped BMX Flow tips

When you're performing tricks in Pumped BMX Flow, it's easy to try and go for the big flips. However, early on, maybe you want to take things slowly. Go light on the tricks and just make your way over the hills. I'm not saying avoid doing any tricks, I'm just suggesting that taking slow might be the smart thing to do early.

If you want to, you can go for the bigger tricks and see how things go. However, limiting yourself a tad may lead you to success, especially with how unique the controls are. If you're nailing the big tricks right out of the gate, then you're a legend.

However, if you find yourself face planting and getting bonked on the head by the ground, then just start with some small tricks. Baby steps will soon lead to manly/womanly steps. You do get dropped into the game fairly quickly so it can be easy to find things tricky (see what I did there?) at first.

Get Cozy With The Motion Controls

The controls in Pumped BMX are different from some of the other extreme sports games out there. It's not your classic gameplay where stringing together a couple of button combinations will allow you to perform a nice trick. Instead, the game focuses on your hand movement.

You'll need to tilt your phone in certain ways in order to perform backflips and front flips. If you've started the game already then you should definitely know this. But its motion control approach could be tricky for new players but it's easy to appreciate once you get it down.

The good thing is that you can quickly unlock some new controls that will allow you to perform other tricks and they don't require motion control. However, this doesn't mean it's easy to master, so definitely fire up an Endless Run and practice a bit of everything. You'll unlock more skills as you go, so just play and have some fun in this beautiful-looking game.

Make Use of Upgrades

We sort of eluded to this when talking about the controls, but one of the big things that you can do to help give you an edge in Pumped BMX Flow is the upgrades you can earn. These upgrades come in the form of trick packs and they can really help you rack up the scores.

In order to unlock these packs, you simply need to play the game and perform tricks from your current packages. If you're having a hard time doing flips; just remember that you will unlock a new package of tricks early on that have easier controls.

But doing something like 200 tricks will unlock you a new pack for example. It may sound tough but you'll be surprised how easy you nail enough tricks to net yourself some new ones. One thing about Pumped BMX Flow is that it's a really relaxing game and the wipeouts are hilarious. So it might take your mind off of the goals a bit as you just ride and fly like a BMX pro you are.

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