Pumped BMX Flow: Three things to know about this endless biking game

Pumped BMX Flow: Three things to know about this endless biking game

Time to put the peddle to the metal

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Pumped BMX Flow is an endless runner that involves riding on bikes. The goal is to try and jump over as many ramps as you can without wiping out. You'll have the ability to perform several tricks to help you achieve the highest possible score.

As you play, you'll be able to unlock new upgrades, from skills to aesthetic upgrades for your bike. The cool and interesting thing is that you will not only unlock new tricks, but this will give you some new controls to use in order to execute more tricks.

The game also features daily challenges that you can take part in as well. This is another way to rack up some rewards for your character and your bike. Here are a few other things to know about the endless BMX adventures of Pumped BMX Flow.

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Unique Controls

A distinctive aspect of Pumped BMX Flow is the control scheme that's used. We talked about this a bit earlier and when you unlock more moves, you'll have some more buttons to press on-screen. At first, you start off with one kind of control and then eventually you start to get some flexibility.

An interesting aspect of the scheme is the fact that you'll be able to use the movement of your phone to make certain tricks happen. Specifically, this works when attempting to do front and backflips. You have to tilt your mobile device either toward the left or right to perform flips.

Pumped BMX Flow - things you need to know

It can be tricky to master at first, but it's fun when you're able to pull them off. If you really want to be creative, you can perform another trick while you do a flip. This will help you get some big scores as long as you don't crash in a terribly awkward fashion.

Pretty Relaxing

It's not always said that an extreme sports game can be chill and relaxing, but there are exceptions. Grand Mountain Adventure is an excellent example of this with its soft, calm layout as you're on the snowy slopes with your skis or snowboard. Skate City is another that has a zen-like vibe, with its beautiful design and lo-fi hip hop soundtrack.

Now, you can add Pumped BMX Flow to that list. There's no real music in the game, just the sound of your bike and birds chirping in the background. And the endless run nature of the game can let you ride and just enjoy yourself in a casual nature.

Even if you wipeout, you can quickly get back into the action again. And although crashing can be annoying in extreme sports games, the sometimes comical nature of crashing in BMX Flow makes it more light-hearted than frustrating.

Solid Customization

For a game that is as minimal and simple from a game mode standpoint as Pumped BMX Flow is, it does have some decent customization options. For starters, you can unlock some new bikes when you earn crystals which operate as the game's currency. You can buy this currency outright as well, as you might've expected. 

Another thing is that you can also purchase some new characters. From everyday BMX riders to punk rock girls, to vacation tourists and eventually, BMX legends, there are quite a few options to choose from. You can unlock a character that you feel fits your style best. 

Lastly, and probably most interestingly, is the ability to unlock some new things in each run. This means that you'll be able to add new ramps, grinds, and other obstacles to your experience. You can even add loops to ride through. The cool thing about this is that not only does it give you a fresh look, but you can also shoot for some bigger scores too.  

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