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Pumped BMX Flow is a new BMX arcade game for iOS out now

Pumped BMX Flow is a new BMX arcade game for iOS out now
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Yeah Us! Games has released a new entry to its growing Pumped BMX series called Pumped BMX Flow on iOS.

It’s designed as a brand new, completely revamped Pumped BMX experience in which you flow through endless jumps, pull of wicked stunts and compete to become the best BMXer in the world. Based on the success of previous games in the series, the game challenges you to complete challenges and smash high scores to earn winnings. These can then be used to unlock wild level obstacles, stunning bikes and fresh new characters.

For the first time in the Pumped BMX series, you can now ride forever, with the jumps coming as long as you keep going. You can earn credit to unlock new level packs, adding more obstacles and mind-boggling amount of variety each time you do a run. They also rotate daily too, with a fresh new unique level generated every 24 hours, so you only have a limited amount of time to master the track and grab a high spot on the leaderboards.

Pumped BMX Flow presents many challenges to you which you can complete to earn extra credit for the unlockables. Check out the below trailer to see more of the game in motion.

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If you want to play the game for yourself, check out Pumped BMX Flow on the iOS App Store. We currently do not know if or when an Android version is coming, but we’ll be sure to update you if we learn more.

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