PUBG New State hosts collaboration event with NieR series

PUBG New State hosts collaboration event with NieR series
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Wildly popular battle royale title PUBG: New State developers Krafton announced today that a collaboration event with the equally popular JRPG series NieR will be hosted in-game sometime soon.

PUBG: New State has found a lot of success recently with unconventional crossover tie-ins with popular media franchises, such as the recent collaboration with Riot Games' Arcane series. To keep the momentum going, the NieR event is set up to be the next big update for the battle royale. For those unaware, NieR is a massively popular JRPG series developed by Square Enix, and this particular tie-in will include both recent entries into the franchise.

As for what exactly the collaboration will include, a fair few new cosmetic items for your player model in-game will be released, all inspired by the gothic android fashion found in both NieR titles. These skins will be found in the shop, alongside a few weapon skins and a potential limited-time crate opening event that will likely hold more cosmetic items. If the other media collaborations PUBG has hosted are anything to go by, these crates will probably include skins inspired by the protagonists of both NieR: Automata and NieR: Replicant, both of which have that same sort of gothic lolita style clothing.

Details are relatively scarce right now, so most of the details about the event are speculation based on the previous collaboration events. If we’re lucky, we may even see something on the scale of the Arcane event and get an entirely new portion of the map to play and loot within.

Regardless, it’s likely a good idea to keep an eye on the PUBG: New State Twitter account for updates on the event as they come out, and until then, if you’re looking for a way to understand what to expect from the NieR side of things, the mobile game adaptation of the JRPG franchise is currently prepping for its first year anniversary.

PUBG: New State is, of course, the most popular battle royale on mobile currently, and can be found on Google Play and the App Store for free, so get playing to prepare for the soon-to-come tie-in with one of the JRPG greats.

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