NieR Reincarnation announces Final Fantasy crossover along with content roadmap

NieR Reincarnation announces Final Fantasy crossover along with content roadmap

During a livestream celebrating the game’s anniversary, Square Enix presented their content roadmap for NieR Reincarnation, with plans lasting until the summer. Also occurring during this same stream was the announcement of a Final Fantasy 14 crossover event in May. While the Final Fantasy announcement had been teased before, it was unclear if that event would occur in the global version of the game until this stream confirmed that it would.

If you know your Final Fantasy 14 trivia, you know that the game hosted a series of end-game raids themed after the NieR series, so it may not be all that surprising to see a crossover such as this one. Alongside that crossover, which is certainly the highlight of the roadmap, players will also be seeing a return of the NieR Automata banner as well as the Replicant banner, both of which will allow you to have a chance at rolling for characters from the other two NieR games. These banners took place last year around the same time to celebrate the launch, so it is nice to see them return for players who may have gotten into Reincarnation at a later date.

To keep the gameplay fresh between these events and reruns of banners, there are a large host of updates and features on the way. Hidden stories that will be updated monthly, an update to the already existent subjugation battles, extra hard difficulty added to event quests, costume bonuses, and even more. To stay informed on these planned updates, Square Enix recommends following the game’s Twitter account.

NieR Reincarnation is the mobile adaptation of the critically acclaimed NieR series, featuring a story that is loosely connected to those titles alongside a gacha mechanic. The game plays like an RPG with turn-based combat, wherein you will collect new gear and upgrade materials to keep your characters strong enough for current and future content. If you’re interested, you can check it out for free on either Google Play or the App Store.

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