PUBG Mobile is seemingly teaming up with League of Legends for an epic crossover event

PUBG Mobile is seemingly teaming up with League of Legends for an epic crossover event

PUBG Mobile is giving players even more reasons to airdrop into the battlefield by posting a tiny taste of what's to come for the popular battle royale. Krafton has released an intriguing photo that will definitely pique the interest of any MOBA fan, as it seems like the next collab event will be with none other than League of Legends.

With PUBG Mobile's upcoming crossover on the horizon, players can likely expect to see their favorite characters from League of Legends - or, specifically, Arcane. For those who aren't familiar with the title, Arcane is the upcoming Netflix original show based on the MOBA franchise (and set in Runeterra) that'll debut later this month. Act One premieres on November 6th, while Act Two will arrive on the 13th. The final act will debut on November 20th.

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From the cryptic Tweet that PUBG Mobile released, it seems like "our world will be invaded, but by who or what?" It shows a silhouette of four very League-like characters, which bear a striking resemblance to Caitlyn, Vi, Jinx, and Jayce. PUBG Mobile also later Tweeted, "It's all just fun and games until something gets blown up - then it's a PARTY! Did someone call for an airdrop of AWESOME?", to which League of Legends' Twitter account replied with, "Can't spell party without EXPLOSION!"

We don't have a whole lot of details about the collaboration event just yet, but you can catch the Arcane trailer embedded above for now to get into the hype. You can also download PUBG Mobile (iOS App Store and Google Play Store) and League of Legends: Wild Rift (iOS App Store and Google Play Store) as free-to-play games with in-app purchases.

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