PUBG Mobile Spy x Family partnership launches today

The hit manga and anime teams up with the super popular battle royale

PUBG Mobile Spy x Family partnership launches today
  • The PUBG Mobile & Spy x Family collab event is now live!
  • Unlock exclusive rewards from the hit manga series
  • Experience a new unlock path with special themed rewards

PUBG Mobile's partnership with hit anime and manga series Spy x Family has commenced. We covered this a few weeks ago, but just to recap what's on offer, you'll be able to unlock or buy a whole host of new themed gear from outfits to gliders, ornaments and more, all inspired by the action-packed drama-filled espionage and intrigue-stoked world of Spy x Family!

Set in a fictional world, Spy x Family follows deep-cover agent Loid Forger who, in an attempt to complete his mission, starts his own family. However, what he doesn't know is that his wife is actually a near-superhuman assassin, and his adopted daughter is a skilled telepath. With the daughter being the only one aware of her parent's true nature, it's up to her to keep the family together.

A family affair
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Naturally, you don't only have to buy or unlock items to gain them, as the event also includes a new unlock path which will eventually net you the Spy x Family-themed Dacia skin as a special reward. While not all the PUBG mobile players may know this super popular series, they're all probably going to be pretty excited to get new tantalising rewards as a result of this collab.

The crazy nature of some of these collabs aside, it's interesting to see PUBG Mobile competing with top competition Fortnite in trying to get the most high-profile series in their game. Who could be next? We'll have to wait and see...

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Iwan Morris
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