PUBG Mobile announces collab with hit anime Spy x Family

PUBG Mobile announces collab with hit anime Spy x Family
  • PUBG Mobile's latest collab is with the hit anime series Spy x Family
  • The series focuses on a spy, an assassin and their adopted psychic daughter
  • The initial announcement doesn't detail what we can expect, but we can look at previous collabs to guess

Hit battle royale PUBG Mobile is set to collaborate with another major franchise, in this case, the popular anime series Spy x Family. It follows a string of successful partnerships with entertainment franchises across the world that have graced the hit mobile title.

While the initial announcement is scant on details, judging by previous collaborations that PUBG Mobile has had with franchises like Dragonball, we can probably expect exclusive characters, locations, emotes and more to show up when the event launches soon.

Spy x Family, for those unfamiliar, focuses on the life and times of a very odd family... In a world very much like our own, the spy Twilight must go deep undercover. To do so he must start a family and enroll his daughter in a prestigious school.

So, as 'Loid Forger' he not only manages to stumble on a near-superhuman assassin called Yor whom he marries, but also a psychic orphan called Anya. While Loid tries to complete his objective to battle a threat to world peace, and Yor follows her own aims, Anya is the only person aware of their true natures as she tries to hold the family together with comedic and often dramatic results.

The PUBG Mobile effect

It's interesting to see PUBG Mobile managing to acquire such high-profile franchises like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Dragonball and now Spy x Family. While PUBG has often lagged behind chief competitor Fortnite, PUBG Mobile seems to be holding its own in many aspects, although how much these collaborations contribute to that isn't easy to quantify.

But if PUBG Mobile's major appearance at the new Esports World Cup in Riyadh is any indication, there may be a lot more incoming in the near future as Krafton pushes their big battle royale. And if you want to check out other games like Fortnite and PUBG, you can check out our definitive list!

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