PUBG Mobile's latest update will introduce Royale Pass Season 17, Runic Power, alongside new game variants

There's also a new chapter in the Metro Exodus collaboration

PUBG Mobile's latest update will introduce Royale Pass Season 17, Runic Power, alongside new game variants

PUBG Mobile is set to hit version 1.2 very soon and this update will bring a host of new content to the endlessly popular battle royale. Among other changes, we can expect new gameplay, a weapon, Metro Royale content and Royale Pass Season 17.

There's also something otherworldly at play on Erangel, with the arrival of special runes that give players additional powers. It's called Runic Power Gameplay, with players being given a choice of three rune energies before starting a game. They'll then be granted a summon and boost skill that will provide various strategic advantages. In addition to these powers, players will also be able to find a new FAMAS variable-fire assault rifle that uses 5.56mm ammo with reduced recoil.

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The runes and their abilities will include the following:

  • Flame Rune – Allows players to summon a slow-moving wheel of flame that will deal burn damage to any players in its path. Meanwhile, it can also add a burning effect to ammo for a brief time.
  • Arctic Rune – The gives players a skill that adds freezing to ammo, reduces healing effectiveness and allows players to create 3x3 ice wall that can be used for protection.
  • Wind Rune – This allows players to create a shield of wind that reduces bullet damage whilst the boost skill increases player movement speed and reduced reload time for a period.

Elsewhere, PUBG Mobile's collaboration with Metro Exodus reaches a new chapter today. It's called Metro Royale: Honor and will see players earning Honor by defeating enemies and grabbing in-game items. This can then be exchanged for special voice packs, outfits and other permanent rewards.

Meanwhile, on 19th January, Royale Pass Season 17 will kick-off. It will sport the Runic Power theme and will offer players the chance to grab various cosmetics such as the Deadly Sickle and Guardian Armor Set. Meanwhile, a new variant of EvoGround Mode will arrive on February 15th with more details on both expected to be unveiled soon.

PUBG Mobile is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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