PUBG Mobile launches a brand new map called Karakin

PUBG Mobile launches a brand new map called Karakin

PUBG Mobile has introduced the highly anticipated Karakin Map in today's update. Along with the new map, it also brings the new Panzerfaust rocket launcher and Sticky Bombs alongside improved game mechanics.

As mentioned in a previous announcement, the update will add the brand new Demolition Zone and Thin Wall Bullet Penetration mechanics, adding a bit more strategy to the gameplay.

The newly released map, Karakin can host 64 players at a time and is basically a combination of Sanhok and Miramar’s various elements. Note that, the map of Vikendi will not be playable in classic mode for a short period of time, but players can still host custom rooms on it.

This update in PUBG MOBILE focuses on improving and promoting a better indoor combat experience for the players, with features like bullets penetrating the walls in certain locations in Karakin.

Key features of the update:
  • New Mechanic: Demolition Zone - Spot the purple marked areas to save yourself from random damage.
  • New Mechanic: Thin Wall Bullet Penetration - In certain areas, the houses and buildings will feature a thin wall, that bullets can easily penetrate and deal damage to the player behind it.
  • New Throwable Weapon: The Sticky Bomb - These adhesive throwables are quite exciting to use as they create a twist during the gameplay by helping you find many hidden spaces in Karakin. 
  • New Firearm: The Panzerfaust - This single-use weapon can only be collected from airdrops and spawns at random. It is a typical rocket launcher that deals AoE damage.

PUBG Mobile is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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