PUBG Mobile hacks - Are they real?

No need to cheat or use any of the PUBG Mobile hacks, just git gud!

PUBG Mobile hacks - Are they real?
Update: only last week PUBG Mobile developers banned over 1,300 000 hackers (check the Tweet below)

In this article, we will discuss all the PUBG Mobile hacks, cheats, their usages and their repercussions. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the details.

PUBG Mobile is well known for its famous BR content around the world. Recently, Tencent along with other stakeholders have been focussing on the competitive scene of the game by holding multiple tournaments on an international level.

With this growing popularity, players are opting for some unfair techniques to gain an advantage in the game. The recent increase in the usage of PUBG Mobile hacks has become a headache for players as well as developers. Tencent’s dev team is constantly focussing to create a fair matchmaking system while aggressively banning players who are using cheats.

What are PUBG Mobile hacks?

These are basically scripts in the form of apps that are used for various purposes. In terms of what they can do, there are multiple types of cheats which include aim hacks, X-ray vision and even invincibility. There are specific scripts or apps for each purpose.

How to download PUBG Mobile hacks?

As we all know that PUBG Mobile is immensely popular, so are the cheats. You can find the files on every other third party website. Due to its popularity, the download numbers are massive for which the hackers or script writes giveaway the file for free. The easiest way to get your hands on it is by simply searching the file on the search engine and the best and popular website for the same will appear immediately.

How to use PUBG hacks?

By stating the steps to use, we don’t promote the usage of hacks as it is illegal and unethical. Regarding their usage, simply log into the game and they should start working. Some of them have written steps on how to use them, so you can follow them up to start your game, of course illegally.

How to report a cheater?

Tencent released a guide on how to report a hacker a while ago. Basically, they suggest you use the system within the game to report a cheater.

  • Report ticket title: Report hacker (Cheater's nickname&UID)
  • Content: Report hacker (Cheater's nickname&UID)
  • Video Link: XXX.XXX.XXX or Attachment video file
  • Cheating description: If any (Type of cheat tools or cheating behavior)
  • Resources of cheat tools: If any (Website provided by cheater or other important details)

All you need to do is provide as much info as you can (or even a video if you have one) and they will take the matter into their own hands. 

Is it worth using PUBG Mobile hacks?

Anything that is banned by the devs and unethical is never worth trying. Hacks are for those who can’t cope up with the competitive scene and end up finding a way that leads them to a higher rank by ruining the game for others. They might seem pretty exciting as you can do things that are completely impossible for a common player, but later on, you might end up getting bored of the game as there won’t be anything new or exciting to try.

What are the repercussions of using cheats?

If you are not aware of PUBG Mobile’s evolving hack detection technology, then it is the right time to take a look at it. Recently, the dev team has started publishing weekly reports containing player IDs for those who have banned from the game due to the usage of illegal softwares.

The last week’s records state that 800K accounts were banned due to the usage of hacks that were mainly Auto-Aim, X-Ray Visions and other small hacks. The ban period ranges from weeks to months and sometimes indefinitely.

Even if you cleverly manage to stay out of the radar of the detection system while using the scripts, the in-game feature of reporting the players comes into action as the players whom you kill using the hack reports you right away. If you want to get some free stuff, we suggest you use some of the daily redeem codes rather than cheat to get them.