PUBG Mobile has partnered with the pop music phenomenon, Pinkfong Baby Shark

PUBG Mobile has partnered with the pop music phenomenon, Pinkfong Baby Shark

There’s probably a very slim chance that you haven’t heard the song Baby Shark. And now, if you fancy some chicken dinner, you’ll be hearing it a lot more because PUBG Mobile is partnering with the global phenomenon Pinkfong Baby Shark.

A simple nursery rhyme-like tune converted into a song that every child probably knows, Baby Shark is a product of the entertainment company Smartstudy. It was originally published on Pinkfong’s YouTube channel way back in November 2015, and it's absolutely broken the internet since then. The video is YouTube’s most watched video ever with over 9.4 billion views. It was also on a 20-week streak on the Billboard Hot 100. You really ought to listen to it if you haven’t yet.

Speaking about the song and the collaboration, head of PUBG Mobile Publishing at Tencent Games, Vincent Wang, said: “Pinkfong Baby Shark has earned its place in history, and we’re thrilled to be continuing its legacy by bringing its unique brand of fun, iconic sounds and moves to PUBG MOBILE. We can’t wait to see our community getting involved and showing off their best Baby Shark dances!”

Min Seok Kim, CEO at SmartStudy, added to this and said: “PUBG MOBILE has been a global sensation for years, and we are delighted to announce the collaboration with them to introduce our beloved Pinkfong Baby Shark in a new and exciting way. We will continue to develop entertaining and creative ways to present our content, bringing joy to our fans around the world and across generations.”

Players inside the game will find lots of event-exclusive items like the Baby Shark Parachute, Baby Shark Pan, Baby Shark Set and Baby Shark Graffiti and even the Baby Shark Dance motion, which will allow you to recreate the song’s iconic steps. Some of these rewards may be earned for free, but few permanent items can also be won by completing daily challenges with friends.

Get your groove on by downloading PUBG Mobile for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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