Pokemon Go is hosting Weather Week March 14th onwards, featuring Pokemon based on specific climatic conditions

Pokemon Go is hosting Weather Week March 14th onwards, featuring Pokemon based on specific climatic conditions
  • Weather Week will take place from March 14th to 18th
  • Special bonuses on offer as you catch Pokemon based on your surrounding forecast
  • Field Research tasks and Collection Challenges will be available as well

Niantic recently released the World of Wonders season in Pokémon Go, which brings a bunch of new Pokémon from the Paldea region to the AR game. With the March Community Day featuring Litten taking place on March 16th, trainers already have something to look forward to. But before that, you can take part in the Weather Week, where the Pokémon you find are dependent on the surroundings above.

The Weather Week in Pokémon Go will run from March 14th to 18th, featuring innumerable Pokémon in the wilds and in raids. Catching Pokémon will earn you 2x Stardust, and you can get some more by pairing it with a Weather Boost. Plus, there's an increased chance of encountering the elusive Shiny Castform, so be sure to keep an eye out.

All the wild encounters during the event period will be influenced by different weather conditions. Depending on the forecast in your area, you'll encounter a variety of Pokémon that are more common during specific weather conditions. From Cacnea in the sun to Snover in the Snow, there's a Pokémon for every climate.

Raids during Weather Week will feature a lineup of powerful Pokémon, including Poliwhirl, Charizard, and Regice in one, three, and five-star raids, respectively. Plus, Mega Raids will be headlined by the formidable Mega Tyranitar, so don’t miss out.

Here’s a list of all the raids that will run throughout March 2024 in Pokémon Go!

In addition, you can participate in various themed Field Research tasks. They will grant you the opportunity to encounter a plethora of Pokémon like Paras, Castform, and Drifloon regardless of the weather conditions. And for those looking for an extra challenge, Collection Challenges will be available, offering rewards like Stardust and Incense.

Finally, PokéStop Showcases will also be part of the event, giving trainers the opportunity to enter event-themed Pokémon at different PokéStops. It's a great way to discover new Pokémon in your area.

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