Pokemon GO's June Community Day Pokemon is Deino

Pokemon GO's June Community Day Pokemon is Deino
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Pokémon Go just wrapped up with this year’s massive Go Fest but the month has just about begun and there’s lots more to come. Niantic had given us a look at all of Pokémon Go’s events in June but only left us with a date for this month’s Community Day celebrations. Well, the cat’s out of the bag as Deino, the Irate Pokémon has been picked to feature as the June Community Day Pokémon!

On 25th June, between 11:00 am to 2:00 pm local time, Deino will be found everywhere in the wild in Pokémon Go, with a Shiny one hidden for a few lucky trainers. It players manage to evolve Deino into Hydreigon (Dino becomes Zweilous and then Hydreigon) by 7:00 pm, it will know the move Brutal Swing that deals 65 damage.

Like every month, expect to see the standard event bonuses such as 1/4th hatch distance, 2x chance of receiving Deino Candy XL, 2x Catch Cady, Lure and Incense lasting three hours, and cheaper and special trades being made available. Stickers will also be available at PokéStops and in the shop which will additionally feature the Deino Hat that will cost 150 PokéCoins.

June’s Community Day Special Research is called Field Notes: Deino and will be available for a dollar. Tickets will go live soon and can be gifted to friends as well. Something that is new this month is a bonus raid battle. Between 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm local time, trainers will be able to part in four-star raids with Deino appearing around the gym if the battle is won. And the Pokémon appearing in th four-star raids is none other than Zweilous. Do note that you can take part in these battles only with a Raid Pass and Premium Battle Pass and not a Remote Raid Pass.

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