Pokemon Go's Adventure Week 2022 is now an Ultra Adventure Week as Ultra Unlock bonuses are available

Pokemon Go's Adventure Week 2022 is now an Ultra Adventure Week as Ultra Unlock bonuses are available
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It’s been a little over a day since this year’s Pokémon Go Fest’s global event concluded. It was an action-packed celebration and fans had a riveting time as they took part in a tonne of activities, winning numerous rewards while catching their favourite Pokémon. Well, I hope the Pokémon Go Fest hangover is not over because of a certain feature called Ultra Unlocks.

Last week Niantic released a preview of this time’s Ultra Unlocks that is going to be a little different than its predecessors. Players must complete certain Global Challenges and only then will bonuses for future events unlock. The first goal was absolutely knocked out of the park and now trainers can reap the benefits in the upcoming event, Pokémon Go Adventure Week 2022. It’s that time of the year again when trainers venture out into the stony terrains with their favourite rock-type Pokémon.

This year, Pokémon Go Adventure Week will be held between June 7th and 12th, where everyone will be able to find a load of rock-type and fossil Pokémon to add to their collection. And to add to this already rewarding experience, Adventure Week has transformed into Ultimate Adventure Week as trainers completed the Ultra Unlock challenge and as a result, a tonne of extra bonuses are available for everybody.

The event kicks off with the debut of two Pokémon – Tyrunt and Amaura who will frequent the wild alongside other Pokémon like Rhyhorn, Aron, Larvitar, and more. All raids will also feature themed Pokémon and players can expect 2x XP for spinning PokéStops and 5x for doing it the first time. But that’s not all.

As part of the Ultra Unlock bonus, timed research will be available and will grant free Incubators to everyone. Eggs will also hatch in half the distance. Unown F will also appear in raid battles. Furthermore, a special Research Day will be held on June 12th, which will involve tasks that reward players with Cranidos and Shieldon encounters. The day after the event will allow everyone to claim increased Adventure Sync rewards too.

The Ultra Unlock has really boosted the entire Adventure Week. Download Pokémon Go now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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